Why To Focus on Quality Instead of Price For IVF Treatment?
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May 4, 2019

Why You Should Focus on Quality & Experience Instead of Price For IVF Treatment?

Over the years now when we look back and see that how much we have transformed, we actually kind of get shocked. But that is how everything has rolled out in past years and we have become what we are right now because of the change in the time, mindset, adapting new challenges and things, trends, advancement in technologies, etc.

Due to these reasons, some people have to face major problems in the future associated with their health, one being the problem of infertility. But there is nothing to worry about that because today the advancement in technology has grown up a lot and there are various solutions to that, one being the IVF treatment. Since the past few years, IVF in India has proven it by showing the positive results and delivered happiness to thousands of infertile couples from all over the world. But still the term IVF is not accepted by everyone even today also, the reasons are different with different people and patients who decide to undergo an IVF treatment look for various things first then they make choice; anyhow that’s not a bad part.

Why To Choose Delhi IVF for Your Quality IVF Treatment in India?

25 years ago from now when IVF started, there were no results as it was a complete new treatment. Doctors of Delhi IVF learnt advanced causes in UK, Germany, Australia, and the USA to see what kind of this treatment was available. It was completely new in India, not available in India at that time. We were one of the first centers opened in India and there was hardly any success. When Delhi IVF launched in November 1993 till four-five months there was no pregnancy in IVF. We were totally unaware that what kind of treatment this going to be, but with ongoing research at our centre, today in 25 years the result is in some cases is up to 80%, depending on case to case it is between 50-80%. So we have really come a long way, because we have been the pioneers in the research technology, because of our number of patients, because of our constant exposure. Our team of doctors goes and visits various conferences and countries every year to learn the advances, techniques and latest developments happening all over the world. And we are continuously incorporating all this in our own centre.

That’s why slowly over the years our results have changed 50-80% depending upon the case. The results have increased so much because of our diligent efforts and that’s why we are a centre of excellence. The social scenario of infertility has also changed in India. As per the statistics from Indian census data 2001, 1991 and 1981, researchers showed that childlessness in India has increased. In 1981, approximately 13% of ever-married women of reproductive age group were childless, which increased to around 16 percent in 2001.

Earlier, people were unaware of IVF in India and now they already gather a lot of information even before going to an IVF specialist, social pressure has decreased; acceptance has increased for IVF over the years. And, we have been a part of this since the beginning; we are not new to all of this.

Would you like to invest almost the same amount but with no results?

Therefore, we must trust the experience, the results, the expertise and the technology concerned with infertility in India and highly avoid commercial advertisements and pricing associated with it. Understand that it’s a medical treatment where you’re dealing with your body, understand that you’re dealing to have a healthy baby. So it is highly recommended to go to a place and the team of doctors who are well-experienced and genuine. Don’t let your mind be swayed by marketing strategy, think of where you would get results, think of where you have seen results, think of a place which is showing results.

Often, patients look for the prices when they compare the different IVF centres without prioritizing the quality of the treatment they will get from a specific IVF clinic in India. It is highly recommended to all the infertile patients looking for an IVF treatment that they should first look for the good quality, experience, expertise, genuine success and compare the IVF centres on the basis of the quality of the treatment and the clinic’s success rate. After all, what you look in an IVF treatment is “RESULT” which you’ll possibly get at the IVF clinic where the quality measures are prioritized, complete transparency is there and the success rates are high. Also, when you choose an IVF clinic offering the same treatment at lower price as compared to other IVF centres, you might be befooled as the IVF cycle you’re undergoing there may not be successful or sometimes the repeated IVF cycles also fail. Then the little amount which you thought to save ultimately takes you to pay even more than that for repeated failed IVF cycles. It may break you completely emotionally and physically and at last, you’ll be at the same place wasting lots of money.

So that’s why it is highly suggested that if you are looking for an IVF treatment or an IVF clinic, don’t run towards the low cost and price of the treatment as many IVF centers have hidden prices for various treatments which you come to know by the time when you deal with an unsuccessful situation. So you should rather notice the treatment quality and will you achieve pregnancy there or not there. Spending a few more amounts will never hurt you when it is for your child and when you get successful results.

An experienced and committed IVF centre like Delhi IVF always focuses on the successful outcomes- both in IVF treatment and savings. They demonstrate improved success rates for pregnancy and IVF cycles and reduced multiple births, all while adjusting the cost of IVF treatment and medications. Delhi IVF is a well established and reputed IVF clinic having experienced & trained IVF specialists on a large scale to cover hundreds of patients every year. We follow the methodology of using advanced technology in our labs and our patients also enjoy similar savings on treatment & medications.