IVF Treatment in Europe, Best IVF Clinic/Center For Patients From Europe in India
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Patients from Europe

Best IVF Clinic for Patients from Europe in India

Since 1993, Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre has extended its assistance to multiple infertile couples worldwide, including those from Europe. Situated in New Delhi, our location boasts robust transportation and communication networks. Our dedicated team facilitates seamless travel for couples coming directly from Europe to Delhi, India, while also managing all essential arrangements. Notably, Delhi IVF stands in close proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Delhi IVF is renowned for delivering exceptional fertility care to every patient journeying from Europe for IVF treatment in India. We take immense pride in being recognized as a reliable and trustworthy fertility clinic specializing in test tube baby treatments. Our sizable clientele from Europe has reposed their faith in us, affording us the privilege to offer them unparalleled services that effectively tackle their infertility struggles.

Benefits at Our IVF Centre for Patients from Europe in India

Our devoted assembly of doctors and staff is fully committed to ensuring a streamlined, uncomplicated, and convenient IVF experience in India for our patients from Europe. This dedicated team comprises compassionate and highly informed medical experts who thoroughly understand the distinct needs of individuals seeking test tube baby treatments in India, along with other related considerations. We are readily available to provide all-encompassing care and optimal solutions for infertility treatment.

We have seamlessly incorporated the latest and most advanced techniques, a rarity that’s seldom found together within a single IVF center. India boasts cutting-edge technology that holds the potential to significantly fulfill the aspirations of parenthood for those contending with infertility challenges. At Delhi IVF, we consistently lead in the realm of technological advancements, striving to offer the most efficient and cost-effective test tube baby treatment in India for our valued patients.

Facilities & Accommodation-
  • In-house Counselor
  • Airport transfers, if required
  • Accommodation services
  • Comprehensive/Advanced Infertility /IVF treatment
  • Team of professionals to coordinate consultation visits, testing and report collection
  • Facilities for Medical VISA Extension and Immigration Registration
  • Tour Packages

Best IVF Clinic For Patients from Europe in India

Why Delhi IVF is Best IVF Clinic for Patients from Europe in India?

  • We have more than approx. 2,100 babies in Europe delivered from Delhi IVF.
  • 3500+ International couples successfully treated at Delhi IVF.
  • Successfully delivered First Test Tube Baby in Delhi in 1993.
  • Delivered 18,500+ ART babies.
  • We offer multiple facilities all under one roof, dedicated completely to the treatment of Infertility.
  • Done 751+ Surrogacy procedures, 3,000+ Post-Menopausal, 6,000 Egg Donor procedures, and delivered more than 2800+ Twin babies in past 28 years.
  • We have our own lab with complete facilities; we serve to each & every patient over the globe with the all-time availability of both equipment along with the staff.

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