Infections Quality Control at Delhi IVF & Fertility Centre
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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control At Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre

Quality Control at Delhi IVF

Quality Control is our foremost priority and we take full care of it at each & every step, whether it is in the labs, treatment rooms, in the OT or at any other step. Most of the guidelines suggested by ICMR are strictly followed at our clinic.

“Don’t fear of HIV or any other communicable infection when you are at Delhi IVF.”

After already being affected by the emotional burden of infertility, people often get worried about the danger of any kind of infection, transferable disease or danger of getting HIV.

At Delhi-IVF, we take due consideration and have strict quality control. So that during the treatment, there are no possibilities of reaching any transmittable sickness or contaminations.

All disposable instruments are utilized at each step and there is no compromise at any step. World class & best brands are utilized.

We and our staff will help you to overcome the biggest pain of your life. We value our patient’s emotions and care them from all the issues that’s why, most of the equipment used at our clinic is disposable; once an equipment is used, we don’t use it again. In fact, we use all the fresh equipment even to perform a single or small step.

All guidelines given by ICMR for IVF clinics are in place and a strict periodic checkup is done to maintain the quality control at all steps.

Quality control of Lab equipment
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Laminar flow workstation which includes cleaning of the surface, cleaning of HEPA filters.
  • Regular cleaning of Micro-manipulator and Stereo zoom microscope
  • Regular maintenance of Air purifiers
Monitoring of Quality Control measures:

At Delhi IVF, we regularly monitor our quality control measures on a regular basis. The following factors are regularly evaluated in terms of quality control:

  • Looking at the previous fertilization rates.
  • Embryo Quality is checked before the process takes place.
  • Pregnancy rates are examined.
  • Examination of multiple pregnancy rates to control the quality.
  • How many successful Implantations are done and its overall success rates.
  • Frozen embryos are developed up to which level is also seen.