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Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

The ability of a woman’s ovary to produce good quality of eggs (leading to the formation of high-quality embryos) is called as Ovarian Reserve. One of the major conditions resulting in female infertility diminished ovarian reserve is described as the formation of low number and/or poor quality of eggs in a woman’s ovaries or impaired growth of the current eggs. Delhi IVF has the specialization in treating women with diminished/low ovarian reserve, born out of our 25 years long research on the condition.

Women, who don’t get the right treatment, often find conceiving difficult. However, even if they conceive somehow they suffer from the higher number of miscarriages in any infertility diagnosis. On an average, 95% of embryo quality depends upon the quality of eggs, and embryos with poor quality are unlikely to grow and implant in the uterus and likely to lead to miscarriages. It also may lead to the birth of children with health issues.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve occurs as the age of the women increases. With age, ovarian reserve in women starts diminishing. Women trying to achieve pregnancy after the age of 40, often find difficult to get pregnant because of this reason. Also, DOR is not a condition only in women over the age of 40. It can also affect the younger age women too.

Around 10% of women start to face this condition (decline of ovarian function in terms of ageing) much earlier in their life. It means that if their ovarian reserve is assessed, it is found to be lower than what is expected according to their age. These women are said to be suffering from Premature Ovarian Aging (POA), a clinical term often used and successfully treated by the researchers of Delhi IVF. Like women having DOR, women having POA also find hard to conceive naturally and even with the help of fertility treatments, as these women are often not given the appropriate treatment or misdiagnosed for their ovarian reserve status. Fortunately, these women still have the option to get excellent results at Delhi IVF, most of our POA patients have been successfully treated and have conceived at Delhi IVF.

Diagnosis of (Diminished Ovarian Reserve)

Successful treatment of DOR begins with timely diagnosis as it is very important because once the ovarian reserve starts diminishing; it continues to diminish with the age. The earlier declined ovarian reserve is identified, the earlier effective treatment can be started so that the higher possibility of pregnancy can be achieved.

As the center of vast experience & success for women having DOR, Delhi IVF meets many women who have delayed their treatment in the last 5-6 years; we have seen many women with POF or declining ovarian reserve at age as early as 18-20 years of age. This is very disheartening to see and we advise them to quickly plan their reproductive future, they go for either infertility treatment if they are well-settled or choose to freeze their eggs/embryos.

In any case of DOR, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment is done, the better are the chances of pregnancy.

Treatment for Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Mostly women who have been diagnosed with DOR with high FSH level or low AMH level are advised by their reproductive endocrinologist that using donor eggs is probably an option left for pregnancy. However, that may not be always the case. At Delhi IVF, we are a research centre and we have ongoing studies on various applications of hormones/techniques to enhance the ovarian reserve or to use protocols which lead to successful treatment in women with DOR even without egg donation(*Terms & Conditions apply).

In many women, however, egg donation is the only resort for successful & healthy pregnancy. We have an excellent IVF egg donation program with consistent successful results over last 25 years. We have one of the wide and excellent varieties of egg donors available for women, whose egg reserve is depleted, (all skin types/ Indian/ Caucasians/ different eye colors/ tall/ short / all religions), those who are also extremely qualified… Contact us for more information at +91-9810600235.

Risk Factors Involved in Low Ovarian Reserve:

  • Smoking
  • Genetic conditions
  • Family History with Early Menopause
  • History of cancer / Gonadotoxic therapies
  • Advanced Reproductive Age ( Below 35 Yrs)
  • Past Ovarian Surgery (Ovarian cyst/endometriosis)
Diminished Ovarian Reserve Treatment In India at Delhi IVF

Fortunately, around one-third of our patients do become pregnant with their own eggs after getting the right treatment for low ovarian reserve at Delhi IVF.

We regularly focus on our treatment methods and research on women over the age of 40 or even younger with premature DOR since past 25 years, we have successfully made various breakthroughs and progressed in our treatment approaches with the help of latest technologies and advancements