Egg Freezing Treatment India - Cost of Egg Freezing Process in Delhi
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Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing or oocyte freezing at Delhi IVF!

Egg Freezing Treatment India - Cost of Egg Freezing Process in Delhi

Brought to you by one of the country’s top independent, pioneering and successful fertility labs (Delhi IVF and fertility centre) for almost the last 3 decades!

Egg freezing comes as one of the best options for women that want to delay their conception plans due to career or other key reason. Moreover, as you think of freezing your eggs, choose nothing but only the best egg freezing center for the task. Talking about the best Egg freezing center in Delhi, you can always count on the legacy of Delhi IVF and Fertility research center that is offering top-tier fertility solutions to thousands of couples and individuals for 30 years now.

Having pioneered the field of infertility and IVF for 30 years, we as experts in this area have observed a significant shift in the age at which most women choose to become mothers. Approximately 45% of women are in their late 30s and early 40s (or even later) when they decide they want a child and must pursue challenging options like egg donation because the quality and quantity of their own eggs have declined.

For many women, this can be a very tough choice, both emotionally and psychologically, and they may have to bear a heavy weight with it for the rest of their lives. Well, you need not to carry this burden anymore as we are here with the best Egg Freezing Treatment facilities at your service.

Plan up your parenthood with the best Egg freezing facility !

We don’t want you to run here and there in search of the best egg freezing facility. It is preferable to make an informed choice early on rather than scrambling around afterward struggling to become pregnant.

Also, Egg Freezing is a completely new concept that has greatly expanded the opportunities and options for the contemporary women of the 21st century in these progressive times. Its an entirely new way to protect your fertility in the future.

It’s like a fixed deposit for your fertility for the future.

Also, our facilities regarding egg freezing in India is your preferred option to “Delay Your Maternity According to Yourself.” Also, we are aware of the temporal value of your biological clock, so you can halt it whenever it’s most convenient for you with the help and support of our specialists at Delhi IVF and fertility research center.

Egg Freezing: Delaying your conception plans the right way !

There are many reasons why a woman may need egg freezing services :
Due to Medical Reasons-

  • Cancer (Breast, Ovarian)
  • Chemotherapy & Radiation for cancer.
  • Family history of Poor Ovarian Function (early menopause).
  • ● Chronic cysts.
  • Early onset/chronic Endometriosis.

Due to Social Reasons-

  • Unable to find the right partner.
  • Divorce.
  • Elective singlehood.
  • Sports women.
  • Military personnel.
  • Living in regions with high exposure to pesticides/radiation.

Women Who Can Potentially Opt For Egg Freezing in India

Egg Freezing at Delhi IVF: We Walk hand in hand with your delayed conception plans!

At Delhi IVF and Fertility research Center, we understand your significant urge to form a family. Located within the heart of Delhi, our state-of-the-art egg freezing center is committed to giving you with the bets of modern day medical science. Also, our group of top-tier fertility experts is committed to guide you through the journey of fertility preservation with the right understanding, expertise, and the most extreme care.

Our Mission: Walking hand in hand with your fertility choices !

Our mission is to enable people and couples with the choice to preserve their fertility for the future. Whether you are undergoing certain medical treatments that might influence your fertility, such as chemotherapy, or you are considering egg freezing for individual reasons, we are here to support your choice with the right medical care and guidance.

Why Choose Delhi IVF for Egg freezing?

Expertise and experience: Our professionals come along with the best expertise and experience in the assisted reproductive techniques. They are well-versed within the most recent techniques and methods in egg freezing, guaranteeing the most noteworthy support and care all along.

Most advanced technology: We utilize cutting-edge cryopreservation technology to guarantee the safety and quality of your eggs. Our research facility is prepared with advanced equipments and facilities to supply ideal conditions for egg freezing.

Personalized Care: We duly understand each patients journey is unique in itself. Hence, our professionals offer personalized care plans custom-made to your specific needs and circumstances.

Comprehensive support: From your introductory discussion to the egg retrieval process and beyond, we offer comprehensive support at every step. Our counselors and support staff are here to address any concerns and offer the required emotional support throughout your surrogacy journey.

Comprehensive Egg Freezing solution at Delhi IVF !

Egg freezing: Our personalized egg freezing solutions are planned for those who wish to preserve their fertility for future purpose. This process includes stimulating the ovaries to create multiple eggs, egg retrieval, and freezing them right as per your requirements.

Fertility Evaluations: Before getting started with Egg Freezing, it is important to understand about your fertility status. At Delhi IVF, we offer comprehensive fertility evaluations to help you understand your fertility health and make educated choices regarding Egg freezing at Delhi IVF.

Counseling and Support: we understand that the egg freezing process may come a bit stressful for many individuals. This is where our dedicated counselors offer emotional support and direction all through your journey.

Paving your first step towards Egg Freezing: A Step-by-Step procedure !

Introductory Meeting: It all starts with an initial meeting with our fertility experts. We are going to talk about your medical history, reasons for egg freezing, and any questions you will have.

Fertility assessment: We conduct a list of tests and diagnosis to monitor your ovarian reserve along with your general health Ovarian Stimulation: You will then go through ovarian stimulation through medicines to trigger the growth
of multiple eggs.

Egg retrieval: The eggs are then retrieved in a minor surgical procedure under anesthesia. Cryopreservation: The recovered eggs are at that point getting frozen via vitrification, which is famous as a quick freezing technique.

Storing your eggs: The frozen eggs are then safely placed at one of our state of the art facilities here at Delhi IVF.

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