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IVF Complete Information-Pricing and Success Rate

IVF Complete Information-Pricing and Success Rate

IVF Complete Information Pricing and Success Rate

What is the difference between IVF & ICSI?

Both are forms of in vitro fertilization, differing in only the method of fertilization in the embryology lab. In IVF, the sperms and the egg are allowed to fertilize in a small petri dish and this method is very similar to the natural form of fertilization. IVF is deployed when sperm parameters are normal. ICSI, is the form of Fertilization, mainly for Male Factor fertility, where each egg is injected with the help of a fine needle with the sperm. Indicated when the sperms parameters are deranged in count, motility, morphology.

It is said that the success is difficult in the first attempt! Is it true?

The overall pregnancy rate is 38-51%, across the globe, which means around 45 per 100 to get pregnant in the first attempt. However, it also depends on the exact case and clinical history. In some simple cases it can go upto 80-85% as well. 

What Is the gap period required between 2 unsuccessful cycles?

Usually 1-2 months but it of course varies based on the medicine advice.

Which protocol is better?

There are 2 commonly used protocols, long and the short (antagonist). The short protocols start within first 3 days of the menses and the conventional long protocol starts on day 21 of the previous cycle.

How many times can one try IVF?

There are many parameters which decide this, like the age of the female partner, clinical profile of the patient, previous response to IVF cycle, medical complications, implantation failure etc. In most of the cases, IVF can be attempted 4-6 times.