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Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Delhi IVF -The Best Embryo Freezing Clinic in India

Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre is a leading embryo freezing clinic for Embryo Freezing in India. Embryo Freezing is a new ART facility available to augment fertility programs at Delhi-IVF. The cryopreservation technology has improved significantly in recent years to give us better results in both pregnancy rates and live birth rates.

During, IVF or ICSI treatment, a number of unused embryos are left after couple’s first cycle or sometimes due to miscellaneous reasons the embryos cannot be transferred in the same cycle.

These are the embryos which are frozen for the future use to help an IVF treatment or they can be used for examination and research (after approving permission from the couple).

What is Embryo Freezing or Cryopreservation

Embryo Freezing or Cryopreservation is a process in which the experts are using unused embryos for future use. In the process of embryo freezing, we keep the unused embryos under -196° Celsius in a nitrogen tank. A Cryoprotectant is a liquid which is used in embryo freezing process to protect the embryos from ice crystal formation during freezing. Because of the Embryo Freezing Treatment couples don’t need to go through the IVF treatment because this Embryo Freezing Technique provides them with another chance to become pregnant after a failed cycle. Since there is no guarantee that all embryos remain alive during the freezing and thawing process. That’s why doctors advise patients to have more embryos.

In this embryo freezing process, doctors use the computerized system which is specially devised for embryo freezing or cryopreservation after putting embryos in cryoprotectant solution.

Embryo Freezing is Done in the Following Conditions:

The embryo freezing treatment is an option to use cryopreserved embryos in future IVF treatment

In case your treatment gets cancelled after collecting the eggs, because of, for example, ovarian hyper stimulation, the lining of the uterus is thin or polyp found in the uterus that needs to be extracted first, then the embryos will freeze for the future transfer in some other IVF cycle.

In case you are opting for a medical or a surgical treatment, and your body is no longer ready to conceive at that time or maybe the condition might affect your fertility. Freezing the embryos would be the better choice for you so as to preserve your fertility.

You are undergoing the gender change surgery.

Results of The Embryo Freezing Process at Delhi IVF

At Delhi IVF, going through our Embryo Freezing process, your possibilities of becoming pregnant with embryo after thawing are excellent and are not dependent on the duration of freezing.

(In any case, not all frozen embryos are viable after thawing, but the recovery rate is excellent in the hands of our expert embryologists at Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre).