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Understanding Infertility

Understanding Infertility

Understanding Infertility

Infertility is a common disease of the reproductive system that can affect both women and men. In India, 10-15 % of couples are affected by infertility. This can prevent men and women from getting pregnant or staying pregnant. With the advent of IVF technology in 1978 by Drs. Steptoe and Edwards, it has become possible to help women, conceive and stay pregnant. Today, IVF has become a routine procedure for making a family.

Is Infertility Curable?

Assisted reproductive technology has come a long way. It may not cure all cases, but can help couples to have children of their own. One in eight infertile men can be treated, and after treatment, couples can become pregnant naturally. Infertile women can also be treated to become pregnant and carry the baby to term.

Common signs of infertility in men and women:
  1. Irregular periods
  2. Painful or heavy periods
  3. No periods
  4. Symptoms of the hormonal disorder
  5. Pain during coitus
  6. Changes in sexual desire
  7. Pain during sex
  8. Testis too small or swollen or painful
  9. Problems maintaining erection

Ever since the assisted reproductive technology has come, it has helped women conceive in situations where it would not have been possible otherwise. These developments have also helped scientists to understand a whole lot more about reproductive physiology.

In India, nearly 27.5 million couples are seeking treatment for infertility. In Indian society, childlessness is a social stigma, and people have a desire to produce children.  Therefore Infertility management has become an integral part of reproductive medicine in the count.