(LIT) Lymphocyte Immuno Therapy IVF - Lymphocyte Immunotherapy Treatment
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Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy

Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy

LIT (Lymphocyte Immuno Therapy Treatment)

What is LIT (Lymphocyte Immuno Therapy)?

It is a procedure in which white blood cells are taken from a healthy donor. The donor could generally be the prospective father. The fresh lymphocyte sample is prepared just before the treatment procedure and is injected into the skin (intradermal) and below the skin (subcutaneous) of the prospective mother.

It is used in RPL (Recurrent pregnancy loss). It can affect as much as 5% of all pregnant women.

It is also used in chromosomal, genetic, uterine or metabolic abnormalities, thrombophilias, antiphospholipid syndrome of immunological rejection of the foetus by the body of the mother. One of the best treatments, in this case, is Lymphocyte Immunotherapy Pregnancy. In Delhi IVF we are doing LIT procedure since 1998 with successful 15,000 pregnancies. We at Delhi IVF are pioneer in this field.

When does the LIT therapy started ?

In 1981, it gained a lot of acceptance in the following years, especially in the treatment of women who did not get any success from the IVF programme. Thus the LIT therapy can be a boon for them.

There are a few adverse effects that thing and rarely skin rashes. There are no acute allergic reactions and no long term effects like graft versus host disease.

It is very useful in RPL which it is defined as the condition where the person suffer from two or more failed pregnancies. In India we are the first IVF centre which started lymphocyte immun therapy.

WHY LIT (Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy) ?

lymphocyte immunotherapy ivf Pregnancy is formed 50% from the mother and 50% from the father. The part which come from the father is totally foreign to the development of the foetus is maintained as an allograft. This is when immunotherapy with the paternal lymphocytes came into use.

Prior to the (LIT) therapy, the fertility doctors make a concentrated lymphocyte solution from the collected donor and will then inject the concentrated solution of white blood cells into the potential mother with a 2 weeks interval.

How does LIT help fertility outcomes?

When immunological causes for unsuccessful embryo implantations are suspected, (LIT) Therapy is frequently used because the developing embryo and foetal tissues are produced from both the mother and father’s DNA, though sometimes fetus tissues mistakenly views proteins formed from the husband’s share of the genome as foreign and attacks the developing foetus.

LIT was created to make the mother’s immune system ready for pregnancy so that potential mother’s body accepts foreign cells rather that fighting and destroying the embryo or foetus.

Benefits of LIT (Lymphocyte Immunotherapy Therapy IVF)

When a women experiences repeated miscarriages, lymphocyte immuno therapy treatment is one of the highly preferred medical procedure as it increase her chances of getting pregnant. When individuals with immunological disorders take this treatment, the results are significantly greater. The benefits listed below demonstrate why LIT treatment is one of the greatest approach.

  • Significantly Higher Rate of Success.
  • Patented & Researched Technology.
  • Having No Long-term Side Effects.
  • Single seating Procedure (OPD Procedure).
  • Minimum Chances of Negative Side Effects.
  • Safe Procedure .
  • Simple and Easy Treatment.
Possible side-effects resulting from LIT

There were no significant adverse effects, such as graft versus host disease, allergy or autoimmune issues. The majority of adverse effects were local in nature. A defining feature of LIT treatment is the presence of blister at the injection sites.