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IVF ICSI Treatment

IVF ICSI Treatment

ICSI Treatment in New Delhi, India

What is IVF-ICSI?

ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is an ART procedure in which a single healthy active sperm is directly injected in to egg to achieve fertilization. ICSI/IVF is advancement over IVF to improve the chances of having a pregnancy by making sure the egg is fertilized by injecting a motile sperm directly into egg cytoplasm.

In IVF the eggs are mixed with sperms in a dish to achieve fertilization and for this lot of healthy motile sperms are needed. But in ICSI a single good sperm can achieve the same result. IVF ICSI treatment in India is a successful development to help men with low sperm count and compromised motility.

This revolutionary technique is performed with special equipment and a well-trained embryologist.

IVF-ICSI at Our ICSI Treatment Centre in Delhi

At Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre, we carried out our first IVF-ICSI procedure as early as 1997 and developed lots of experience in this procedure. Most patients at our ICSI treatment centre in Delhi tend to agree to this procedure because of the better success rates. So, most couples can realize their dream of having a baby.

Is ICSI treatment for You?

ICSI treatment is a good solution to overcome the hassles of inadequate male infertility problems Such as:

  • Low sperm count.
  • Unexplained Fertilization Failure.
  • Poor morphology & poor motility sperm. That means sperms cannot swim properly.
  • Low fertilization in previous IVF cycles.
  • IVF could not be performed.
  • Using frozen sperms in your treatment which may not be of optimum quality.
  • Even when the sperm reaches the egg, they cannot fertilize the eggs.
  • Ejaculation related problems where sperms are retrieved by surgical means.
  • High levels of antibodies against sperms.
  • This procedure also comes in handy for poor egg retrievals, where there are fewer eggs to fertilize

Since ICSI /IVF offers better results it is a method of choice for most couples as it helps them realize their dream of having a baby. That’s why ICSI is another hope for these types of couples.

The success rate at for IVF-ICSI procedure is 70%-80%. This procedure allows the embryologists to select best quality sperm and egg for fertilization. ICSI can also be employed not only for male infertility but also for regular IVF procedures.