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    We use a simplified protocol for super ovulation, which minimises your cost; number of injections; and stress levels & no.of days involved.


    OPTION 1: Short Protocol

    DATE: e.g 1.12.05 Enter Day 1 – the start of the menstrual period.
    Day one of your periods (Follow the calendar before 12 midnight) Date the cycle starts (day 1). Start Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc daily; along with baby aspirin and folic acid
    Day 3 Scan or 3.12.05 Vaginal ultrasound scan to rule out ovarian cysts. If there is a large cyst, we may need to aspirate it. We also do an antral follicle count to assess ovarian reserve
    FSH injections ( Day 3): FSH/HMG/R.FSH Start HMG/FSH injections. The dose needs to be individualised. The standard dose is 225 IU daily (3 ampoules). Buserelin continues.
    USG can on day 8 Day 10 Or 8.12.05 and 10.12.05 Ultrasound to measure number and size of follicles in ovaries. Done every alternate day from Day 10 onwards
    HCG Shot Day 11 – Day 14 (Individual)
    Or 11.12.05 – 14.12.05
    Once follicles have matured, we time the hCG shot and plan retrieval.
    Egg Retrieval Or 13.12.05 – 16.12.05 Egg retrieval performed approximately 36 hours after hCG shot. Start daily use of progynova and uterogestan for luteal phase support.
    Embryo Transfer-D2 – D5 (individual) Standard embryo transfer followed by 24 hours of rest.
    Blastocyst transfer Or 15.12.05 – 18.12.05 If elected, wait until day-5 embryo development followed by 24 hours of rest.
    First Beta HCG Test 18 days post ET
    2.1.06 – 6.1.06
    Clinic blood test to measure hCG level.
    First Ultrasound (Second weeks after 16.1.05 Ultrasound confirmation if beta HCG indicates the positive result.
    +ve BHCG Happy Birthday!

    Note: Most cycles will vary in actual timelines based on your response to medicine and actual menstrual period cycles.
    OPTION 1: Long protocol (e.g to be started from 20.11.05)


    Down regulation start from D21 of your periods and Stimulation from day 2. Each patient is different & protocols are based on many factors i.e age, previous IVF failure, USG examination etc. But to shorten your stay OPTION 1 can be decided and you can be benefited in no time.

    D21 of previous cycle FOLIC acid, Asprin Start Injection Superfact 0.5 SC

    D1 of Menses Start Injection Superfact 0.2 SC

    And follow the above!!!


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