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Process for Altruistic Surrogacy Mother in India

Process for Altruistic Surrogacy Mother in India

Process For altruistic Surrogacy mother in India

Altruistic Surrogacy at Delhi IVF

At Delhi IVF we requisition for the surrogate provider to give us a list of surrogate mothers with proven fertility and completed family and proper consent forms.

The intending parent is provided with a list to choose a surrogate mother. When a match has been made between the intending parents and surrogate mother, all screenings (blood investigations, ultrasounds, screening of complete medical history, surgical & family history) are effectively done. All the legal formalities are performed in the presence of a legal advisor before processing the surrogacy procedure. All these facilities are available on the same premises at Delhi IVF.

At Delhi IVF, a Surrogate Mother Screening Involves the Following:

Medical Screening: This screening comprises blood tests, and ultrasounds, to screen the reproductive organs including the uterus, the abdominal cavity, etc. Every fertility clinic has distinctive prerequisites for surrogate mother testing.

Psychological Screening: This is performed by the specialist to confirm that the both, surrogate mother and her husband are clear about the procedure and well understand it.

Partner Screening: In the event that the surrogate mother has a sexual partner, the accomplice might likewise be obliged to experience blood tests to screen for sexually transmitted diseases.

After all the formalities are done then the stimulation process is started for the retrieval of eggs from the mother or the egg donor. We do not undertake commercial Surrogacy.

Using an Egg Donor in India

In a few cases of gestational Altruistic Surrogacy, the mother is not capable of contributing genetically to the offspring and also, doesn’t want a surrogate mother to be a genetic mother. In these types of cases, an egg donor is arranged for the surrogacy process.

Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment In Delhi at Delhi IVF

We are always helpful to those couples who need altruistic surrogacy to have a child.

With the quality experience of more than 20 years working with surrogates, many families trust us like no one. We are proud of ourselves for providing a thorough screening procedure for surrogates, safety commitments, and transparency regarding the risks and success of surrogacy.

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