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We, Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre, are delivering our admirable services over the globe, being situated in the heart of the capital of India-New Delhi. We are dedicated to offering the highest success in IVF treatments at a cheap cost for IVF in Delhi, India. We came into presence in 1993 and centered on giving good, passionate, moral and most advanced & specialized treatment to couples suffering from and finding answers as well to the problem of infertility..



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IVF & Fertility Treatments in India

Female Infertility

Delhi-IVF is an ideal female infertility treatment clinic in Delhi, India which may bring the joy in the lives of infertile patients

Male Infertility

In humans, 40-50% of infertility is due to some problem with the male. It affects about 7% of all men and it is due some deficiency


ICSI/IVF is advancement over IVF to improve the chances of having a pregnancy by making sure the egg is fertilized by


Some of the causes of male infertility are non availability of normal viable sperms in the ejaculate for IVF treatment.

Multiple Failed IVF

Repeated IVF failure/Recurrent Implantation Failure refers to the failure of clinical pregnancy. Here is the Treatment of IVF failure.

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility refers to a condition where the reason of infertility in the male/female or both partners is not known.


Cryopreservation is the advanced process of storing tissues, cells or organs at very minimum and low temperature to preserve


Some women can’t use their own eggs because of non-availability of good eggs or low ovarian reserve, or premature ovarian failure


An endoscopy is referred to a nonsurgical procedure of looking inside the body. An endoscope is an instrument containing a flexible tube with lenses

Altruistic Surrogacy

Surrogacy in India is a procedure in which a woman carries the baby of another couple/single parent up to the full term. It is done with the legal agreement between the two parties.


IVF with Donor Services

IVF Centers in India – IVF treatment or In Vitro Fertilization is fertilization in a “test tube” and the process is carried outside the women’s body in

PRP / Ovarian Rejuvenation

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein acquired from whole blood. It is prepared by a method

Delhi IVF Frequently Asked Questions


IVF is a fertility treatment where eggs and sperm are combined in a lab to create embryos. This process takes several days after fertilization when the fertilized eggs  are placed inside a uterus which is then transferred into the uterus.
The success rate of the IVF treatment at Delhi IVF is 50% to 80% which is at par with the best in the world. The success rate varies with the age of the female, as with age the quality and number of eggs go down. But because of the best trained and experienced personnel, and state of the art laboratory we persistently maintain very high success rates.
The success rate of IVF is considered on many factors in India. It could be based on IVF Procedure, A IVF Specialist’s experience knowledge , previous success results, couple history, the egg, sperm, embryo’s qualities, the quality control at the embryology lab and many more. That’s why there is no exact figure of success rate of IVF.
The average rate of the best IVF in India is 45% and the Success rates can be as high as 80% per cycle( depending on the case) with the assistance of experienced doctors, quality IVF specialists, and trained staff at the best IVF centre in Delhi.

As such, IVF treatment is considered to be the best treatment for dealing with infertility. When we talk about good IVF treatment then yes India has extremely reputed and experienced IVF centres and skilled specialists, making it a good option for IVF treatment, which make India one of the Highest IVF success rate producers, with a lower IVF cost than any other country.

Delhi IVF Fertility & Research Centre is the pioneer of modern Fertility treatments since 1993 having served more than 25000 international patients from 65 countries over the last 3 decades. With latest technology and recent advancements, the IVF experts at the center ensure the people seeking healthcare are provided with the best.

The “No. 1” best IVF doctor in India may vary. But Dr. Anoop Gupta (an IVF expert for reproductive medicine & technology) has been honored for the Best IVF Specialists in India. He founded Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center of Delhi in the year 1993 and had the First Test Tube Baby in Delhi Successfully way back in 1993 itself.
In fact he has successfully treated thousands and thousands of families suffering from infertility and trained many doctors over the last 3 decades. The DIFC has also been ranked as the No 1 IVF clinic in India by Fertility Research News and In the Top 10 Best IVF clinics in terms of success rates. Delhi IVF is renowned for housing a team of top-tier IVF specialists across its advanced centers throughout India.
The dedicated group of DIFC’s experts including Dr. Aastha Gupta, Dr. Alka Gupta, Dr. Manan Gupta , Dr Vinnie Sandhu and others in collaboration with our highly skilled embryologists, form an exceptional healthcare team. They are steadfast in their mission to continually enhance infertility services and technology at DIFC IVF, all with the ultimate goal of helping couples achieve their dreams of conceiving.
The cost of IVF in India usually ranges from Rs. 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 lakh for one IVF Cycle on average. But it is seen that the IVF treatment cost packages vary due to many factors that include your medical condition, injections and medications, IVF treatment type, and the quality of care and embryology lab standards of the facility.
At Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center, We have provided a comprehensive breakdown of our IVF cost packages below, including details of exclusions. For international patients the IVF treatment package can vary as per the dollar value.
 For more details to know the IVF cost & package you can visit at https://delhi-ivf.com/ivf-charges-and-fee-structure/

International FAQ

Success rates vary globally, but countries like Denmark and Sweden India have high success rates. But yes, European countries are expensive. However , India is also emerging to provide the best & successful IVF treatment with the highest IVF success rates and the most affordable price.

In India, many clinics documenting success rates exceeding 45-80% and Delhi IVF Fertility & Research Center is one of the oldest IVF clinic for Assisted Reproduction, offers world-class IVF treatment in India following all the advanced procedures, techniques, and equipment, which have been making a significant mark to its high success rate.

The success of in vitro fertilization (IVF) can vary from person to person. While IVF can result in a successful pregnancy on the first attempt, it’s important to note that success rates depend on several factors, including the individual’s age, the underlying cause of infertility, the quality of eggs and sperm, the expertise of the medical team, and the specific treatment protocol used. However, for some people, it may take multiple IVF cycles before achieving a successful pregnancy.
It’s essential to consult with a fertility specialist who can assess your specific situation and provide a personalized recommendation based on your medical history and circumstances. At Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center, the IVF specialists can offer insights into your chances of success and help you make informed decisions regarding IVF or alternative fertility treatments.
Travel during IVF treatment is possible but should be discussed with your doctor. Sometimes if you are planning a trip while undergoing IVF treatment, you must consult your infertility counseling specialist.
In certain portions of IVF treatment, you are advised to to remain in town as you’ll have to go through in-office monitoring frequently . Plus, your egg retrieval procedure must be precisely timed to facilitate success. But if there is an event that you need to travel during your IVF treatment due to a family emergency or other significant reasons, it’s crucial to ensure that your travel plans are well-coordinated with your fertility clinic.

In India IVF started in the year 1993 and currently India has emerged as a best country to get IVF treatment done. With the best & well experienced IVF specialists, India provides very advanced IVF treatments not only for the people in India but also for international patients. There are many clinics who offer a 45-80% IVF success rate which is much higher than other countries.

Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center is one of the oldest clinics which had its first IVF clinic in 1993 and was established in the same year by Dr. Anoop Gupta. Dr. Anoop Gupta, an IVF expert for reproductive medicine & technology. DIFC has its head office in New Delhi and is a reputed IVF clinic for its IVF success rate, Personal Care, IVF Counselling, Quality Control. DIFC has helped more than 25000+ couples from the across the world 65 countries in the last 3 decades. It’s been one of the most trusted IVF centres for so many years and enjoys a great reputation in the general public in India and overseas.

The time it takes to conceive through IVF varies; it may take several cycles before achieving a successful pregnancy. IVF isn’t a singular treatment but a series of procedures. On average, an IVF cycle spans approximately 2.5-4 weeks from the initial consultation to the transfer stage. However, it’s important to note that while the general path remains consistent for all patients, what differs is how your body responds at each phase.

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Successful IVF families in 65 countries all over the world

Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre, for Assisted Reproduction, offers world-class IVF Treatment in India following all the advanced procedures, techniques, and equipment, which have been making a significant mark to its high success rate.

We have been recognized & appreciated by many global reproductive societies like in the USA, Europe, South East Asia, and many others. Our systems and facilities are at par with the latest IVF Delhi techniques & technologies worldwide.

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IVF Treatment in Delhi

Delhi IVF in India is a world-class clinic of international standards and reputed state of ART facilities and patient care services in India. Delhi IVF: Best Fertility Clinic and IVF Centre in India

30 Years of Experience

Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Center is an Oldest IVF Centre in Delhi Since 1993. Our doctor’s facilities in India has, in fact, made a name for itself as a Centre of incredibleness, uprightness and effective results in the zone and field of Infertility treatments.

Highest Success Rate of IVF India

At Delhi IVF and Fertility Centre in Delhi, we are having the highest success rate of IVF cycle and Dr. Anoop Gupta has a huge track record for most successful IVF Hospital in Delhi, India. Highest Sucess Rate of IVF in Delhi.

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