IVF Treatment in Bhutan, Best IVF Clinic/Center For Patients From Bhutan in India
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Patients from Bhutan

Best IVF Clinic For Patients from Bhutan in India

Since its establishment in 1993, Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre has hosted many infertile couples from across various corners of the world, one such nation is Bhutan. We are located in the capital of India, New Delhi where infrastructure connectivity is really strong whether in terms of transportation or communication network. Here you get the facility to travel by flight, train, or even a bus directly from Bhutan to Delhi, India, whichever is more convenient to our patients from Bhutan coming for IVF in India. We are not located very far from the Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport).

Delhi IVF offers exceptionally great fertility care to every patient coming all the way to Delhi IVF from Bhutan for IVF in India. We feel immense pleasure when we get recognized as a trusted and reliable fertility clinic for the treatment of test tube babies in India by our hundreds of patients from Bhutan who allowed us to assist and deliver them the best service to overcome their problem of infertility.

Benefits at Our IVF Centre in India for Patients from Bhutan

Our dedicated team of doctors and staff are devoted to making the experience of IVF in India simple for our patients from Bhutan, non-complex and convenient. We have an overall team of compassionate and well-knowledgeable professionals in the medical field, who understands the patient’s needs regarding the treatment of test tube baby in India and other things too. We are available for our patient’s overall care & best infertility treatment.

We are incorporated with the most advanced and latest techniques which you hardly find in an IVF center under one roof. India has some more advanced and up-to-date technology that can help infertile patients to experience parenthood. Delhi IVF follows the newest technology trend to provide the most successful treatment of test tube babies in India to its patients at affordable prices.

Delhi IVF Centre for Patients from Bhutan in India Offers Them:

Facilities & Accommodation-
  • In-house Counselor
  • Airport transfers, if required
  • Accommodation services
  • Comprehensive/Advanced Infertility /IVF treatment
  • Team of professionals to coordinate consultation visits, testing and report collection
  • Facilities for Medical VISA Extension and Immigration Registration
  • Tour Packages

We work on the philosophy of first obtaining the patient’s problem and then provide them with the most suitable and affordable treatment. It is our pleasure to help couples in making better decisions, make treatments cost effective as possible and guide them to go for best. We welcome our Patients from Pakistan coming for IVF in India to our facility and stay committed till the last moment of the treatment.

Why Delhi IVF is Best IVF Clinic for Patients from Pakistan in India?

  • We have more than approx. 150 babies in Pakistan delivered from Delhi IVF.
  • 3500+ International couples successfully treated at Delhi IVF.
  • Successfully delivered First Test Tube Baby in Delhi in 1993.
  • Delivered 14,000+ ART babies.
  • We offer multiple facilities all under one roof, dedicated completely to the treatment of Infertility.
  • Done 751+ Surrogacy procedures, 3,000+ Post-Menopausal, 6,000 Egg Donor procedures, and delivered more than 2800+ Twin babies in past 28 years.
  • We have our own lab with complete facilities; we serve to each & every patient over the globe with the all-time availability of both equipment along with the staff.

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Our IVF success rate observed for Bhutanese is 65-70% who took IVF Treatment in India at our fertility center. We have more than 600 hearts beating across Bhutan.

Places You Must Visit in Delhi and Surrounding Regions

When on the journey of IVF in India, our doctors’ advice is to be calm and relaxed minded throughout the treatment, and for that nothing can be better than exploring the nearby places which are really a must to see at least once when you’re in India. This can make your journey even more memorable and exciting which can ultimately be proven as good for your health. Places to visit nearby can be Qutub Minar, India Gate, Akshardham Temple Red Fort Taj Mahal, Amer Fort, and many more.

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