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IVF laboratory in Delhi

IVF laboratory in Delhi

IVF Treatment Lab in New Delhi

What is IVF laboratory in Delhi?

IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure by which we can help infertile women to conceive with the help of medical technology to have a baby. This procedure is done to overcome the infertility issue in female or male or in both, and still have a baby of their own. The most important part of the ART is the laboratory.

In order to carry out the IVF procedure, we need a lot of special equipment and trained staff to carry out each step of the procedure.

Once the eggs are picked up, the eggs have to be fertilized either in the Petri dish or by intracytoplasmic injection. The fertilized eggs are incubated for three days or cultured in special media for five days before the embryos are transferred to the uterus. Sometimes the eggs or embryo have to be stored in the frozen state for future use.

All these procedures require special equipment and well-trained staff. The success of the procedure depends on how well the procedure is carried out.

Why IVF Laboratory in Delhi is Important for Infertility Treatment?

When you’re looking for IVF treatment, the choice of the laboratory is very important. The selection of the clinic where the procedure has to be carried out, will determine the chances of having a baby.

These are following points one has to keep in mind before choosing the IVF lab:

  • The laboratory has to be well equipped with latest equipment to carry out latest procedures in assisted reproductive technology.
  • The laboratory and clinic all must be registered with proper authorities to ensure that that they are authorized to carry out the procedure. This inspires confidence in the patient that it is the right place.
There are some important things you should know.
  • You must check the success rate of chosen infertility clinic.
  • Vitrification method of cryopreservation is being used in IVF lab or not? This is the method of freezing embryos and eggs, so that it can be used in future if the need be in future cycles. Frozen eggs have shown a good success rate in the recent past.
What Makes Our IVF Treatment Lab in Delhi Unique?

The selection of equipment and expert staff handling the equipment depends on the experience of the director. For this the experience of Dr. Anoop Gupta who has been on the forefront of assisted reproductive technology from 1993, is invaluable.

  • He has equipped the laboratory with the latest equipment and well-trained staff.
  • The air quality in the embryology laboratory and operation theater is regulated by special equipment. The incubators temperature and carbon dioxide levels are also controlled.
  • All equipments and media used for various procedures are disposable..
  • The working area is regularly checked for any kind of contamination. The Light and temperature of the laboratory is automatically controlled. The environment in the laboratory is maintained contamination free