Why One Should Go For Tandem IVF Cycle?
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May 28, 2019

Why Should One Go For Tandem IVF Cycle?

The IVF treatment has been trusted by a lot of people by now to get pregnant and have their own babies. When the couple is not able to get pregnant in a natural way, one of the finest methods is to get IVF treatment done to get conceived.

Though the success rate of IVF treatment is huge, there are a number of times when it may fail. There can be varied reasons for it. One of the potential reasons can be the woman patient having lesser ovarian reserves or woman moving towards premenopausal phase.

In such a case, having options for a tandem IVF cycle can really help.

What Is Tandem IVF Cycle?              

This is a particular IVF process in which the eggs of the patient are stimulated & meanwhile the donor also made ready simultaneously. To know more about the process in your own case, consult our team of experts at our email id newquery@delhi-ivf.com or phone numbers +91- 9810600234 given here.

Why And When The Process Is Needed?

There are a number of times when such a process is needed. In normal circumstances, the traditional IVF or these days more of the mild IVF is prescribed to the patients. But when there are patients who have tried IVF options and have failed, the tandem IVF cycle can be the next step.

This particular IVF treatment is mainly for women who have less ovarian reserves. This can actually happen due to a number of reasons.

  • Women who have crossed a certain age such as 40 years old can have the issue in conceiving with normal IVF as there ovarian reserves get depleted.
  • The lack of ovarian reserve can also happen due to some medical conditions that may have happened to the woman patient.
  • There can be also many other reasons that can lead to such a situation.

Medical science has made so many things possible and conceiving a baby despite the problems is one of them. It was said a few years back that a woman cannot have a baby after crossing a certain age. But medical advancements such as the tandem IVF cycle have proven this thing wrong.

To know if this is a suitable option for you to contact and meet our team of experts.