Why Choose Delhi IVF Centre for Egg Freezing Treatment
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Delhi IVF for Egg Freezing

Delhi IVF for Egg Freezing

Why Delhi IVF for Egg Freezing?

Unlike previous generations, now women are more focused on climbing their career ladder, completing their higher education or haven’t found the right partner for them that’s why they prefer to start their families later in life. We understand that whatever takes these women to us is their personal desire or the way they want to drive their life.

Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre is regularly turning the dreams of many women into reality by preserving their fertility for future. Yes! Staying transparent with our patients is our upmost priority that’s why we don’t mislead you in any way. We are committed to make your experience the best one and your life protected from the insecurities of infertility due to many reasons. It just takes your trust to fulfill your life’s biggest dream.

Why Egg Freezing at Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre?
Best Doctors

Our Obstetrician-gynecologist & Egg freezing specialist Dr. Aastha Gupta has advance and deep knowledge of egg freezing. She has been trained under the guidance of his father and one of the leading IVF specialists of India Dr. Anoop Gupta; she has also many national and international certifications of this field and the complete team of experts.

Patient’s Convenience

It is very important to us and that’s why we stay focused to provide our patients with the top notch quality service at each stage of the Egg freezing procedure and guide them throughout the process.

All under One Roof

We provide egg freezing to the women who want to delay childbearing as well as we help them getting pregnant with their frozen eggs in future whenever they desire by fertilizing those eggs with their male partner’s sperm and transfer them back to the womb.


We have the team of specialists and experts, who are certified with the advanced training and education of freezing the eggs.

Transparency & Agreement

We work with the complete transparency with our patients as for that matter, consent is signed by the patient before the procedure begins agreeing to the terms & conditions of what will be done with the eggs if they are not used in the future.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help women preserve their fertility by stopping their biological clock, so that they can focus more on their personal dreams and securely keeping the family planning aside for some time.

Lab & Technology

We have the well-equipped lab with all the latest technology and equipment of international standards required to make the egg freezing process easy and comfortable for the patients. For that matter, we use the latest method of vitrifaction to freeze your eggs fast.