What is the Success Rate of IVF on First Try?
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January 30, 2024

What is the Success Rate of IVF on First Try?

We all have heard about how IVF has proved to be a godsend for many individuals and couples across the globe. However, one of the biggest questions that often troubles these individuals and couples is- how much is the success rate of IVF treatment in the first try ?

Most of these people know that IVF does come at a cost. Also, they stay uncertain regarding the achievement on the success at the first attempt only. Hence, the lack of awareness and enough information often make them fall for various myths and misconceptions in this regard. In the following parts of this blog, we will talk more regarding this highly significant question regarding IVF success rate. Yet, let’s first understand a bit about how IVF functions.

What are the key stages of the “IVF” treatment plan ?

IVF treatment consists of various stages that start from the egg and sperm retrieval from the intended parents. It would then go to the embryo creation stage where the gametes derived from the intended parents get fertilised ( mixed) in the laboratory setting. During the next stage, the same embryo is then been transferred into the womb of the intended mother. Once done, the same woman undergoes a pregnancy test and upon confirmation, carries the child to term.

What do we understand by IVF success rate on the First try?

The success rate of IVF on the first attempt is subject to certain elements and components. Moreover, it is affected by certain general and medical aspects. That said, as per random research and surveys across the world, the standard success rate of IVF on the first try ranges between 30-45%>.

However, this number is not outright and can vary based on variables such as the age of the intended mother, the cause of infertility, the quality of the sperm and egg, and the in general wellbeing of the couple.

The Age factor: Age of the women undergoing IVF treatment could come as a crucial factor for the success rate of the IVF treatment at first try. Also, women under 35 by and large have higher success rates, which dynamically diminish with age. At the same time, women over 40 have altogether lower success rates.

Quality of Eggs and Sperm: The quality of eggs and sperm is crucial for the overall success rate of IVF. That said, lower egg or sperm quality can diminish the chances of successful fertilization or lead to the creation of embryos with random genetic abnormalities. Intensity of the fertility issue: The intensity or fundamental cause of infertility can moreover affect the success of IVF. Also, conditions like endometriosis, lower ovarian reserve, or male infertility can
influence the success rates.

Lifestyle components: Various lifestyle variables such as smoking, overweight, and liquor can contrarily affect IVF success rates.

Medical innovations: The success rates can also change depending on the fertility clinic and the innovations they utilize. That said, advancements in IVF technology, like pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT), can increment the chances of success in a few cases.

Understanding the Insights

As mentioned earlier, the standard success rate of IVF on the first attempt may be a useful guide, it’s imperative to understand that these examples speak to a wide range of individual cases. Also, each couple & journey is unique, and success rates can vary incredibly from one couple to another.

Managing the emotions and finances:

Going through IVF can be costly affair for many. That said, the cost of IVF can be higher in certain cities and countries than the other ones. Moreover, numerous couples may require more than one cycle to achieve a successful pregnancy. At the same time, the emotional aspect of the treatment, particularly in the case that the first try is being unsuccessful, gets critical. This is where one needs to connect with a professional counselor in order to get the desired support and help.

Taking care of the expectations

On the other hand, it’s important for the couples to oversee their desires and understand that the success may not come on the first attempt. That said, fertility professionals regularly advise being prepared for multiple cycles of IVF. Still, one needs to be in constant touch of their healthcare professionals in order to stay informed and updated.

Also, fertility counseling can be a profitable asset for couples experiencing IVF. That said, it provides emotional support and further help these couples understand and adapt with the physical and emotional challenges of the treatment.

The Significance of a Custom-made Approach

A personalized approach to IVF, where treatment is customized based on the couple’s particular situation, can move forward the chances of success. Also, this involves thorough medical evaluations choosing the proper treatment conventions. On the other hand, making the best selection in terms of fertility professional is equally important here.

Follow-Up after the first attempt In case the first IVF cycle isn’t successful, fertility experts will more often than not analyze the cycle to understand what might have gone off-base. Also, they may change future treatment plans accordingly.

That said, many couples achieve success in consequent cycles.

At Delhi IVF and fertility research centre due to the robust experience and the research and the huge patient trust and confidence worldwide, we boast of a high success rate in even all complicated cases and have consistently been giving high success rates since 1993. And with our commitment and passion in this field and continuos research and excellence we are on a mission to rid infertility off the world .

At the same time, continuous research and progressions in IVF technology may help in increasing the IVF success rates. That said, methods like PGT for selecting the most viable embryos and advancements in embryo culture conditions are examples of how IVF is evolving.


Hence, we can say that the success rate of IVF on the first attempt may be a basic concern for numerous couples. Still, it is fundamental to approach this treatment with realistic expectations. Moreover, variables such as age, fertility issues, lifestyle, and the chosen fertility professional play a critical part in deciding the chances of success. It’s also important to stay prepared for the emotional and budgetary viewpoints of the treatment. With advancements in innovation and a personalized approach to treatment, IVF offers a profitable opportunity for numerous to attain their dream of parenthood, indeed with the fact that it may not continuously be successful on the first try. Still, couples are advised to look for comprehensive information and support from their healthcare experts to explore this journey viably.

Also one very important thing is to always speak to your clinician even after a failed cycle to discuss the various aspects and move forward accordingly.