The Advantages & Disadvantages of IVF Treatment!
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December 20, 2023

The Advantages & Disadvantages of IVF Treatment!

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has proved its prowess as one of the most effective fertility treatments for millions of struggling couples across the globe. Still, there are couples and individuals that are yet to understand the key takeaways of this procedure. This is where they have often been confused with random myths and misconceptions around IVF treatment. 

While IVF offers trust and hope to many, it’s imperative to understand both the benefits and disadvantages of this treatment. That said, we will talk about the key benefits and downside of IVF in the following sections of this blog. Besides, we will discuss who should opt for IVF and related aspects. Still, before getting any further in the same direction, let’s first understand a bit about this famous fertility treatment.

What is IVF?

IVF includes the process of combining eggs and sperm in a lab dish to form an embryo. That said, once an embryo is developed, it is then been implanted into the uterus of the intended mother. On the other hand, IVF can be performed utilizing your own eggs and your partner’s sperm, or eggs, sperm, or embryos from a known or anonymous donor. While we just discussed about the IVF treatment, let’s move on to the key benefits of IVF.

Key Benefits of the IVF treatment 

Overcoming infertility: For numerous couples and individuals confronting infertility, IVF gives a practical way to parenthood. Moreover, it can address issues like blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, or unexplained infertility issues.

Increased conception chances with multiple cycles: In spite of the fact that not each IVF cycle results in pregnancy, the likelihood increases with multiple cycles. Moreover, with the help and recommendations of a fertility expert, one can know more about the side effects and complications within the process. Regardless, with all the given precautions, you can derive the desired results from this procedure.

Donor eggs and sperm: For those who cannot use their own eggs or sperm for conception, IVF allows the option of donor eggs or sperm. Now, this depends on the laws and regulations regarding to IVF in that specific country and this is where expert legal guidance is advisable.

Pre-implantation Genetic screening (PGD): IVF allows the option of PGD, where embryos can be tested for genetic issues before being implanted into the womb of the intended mother. That way, the intended parents would also be able to save their child from any critical illness that could be passed on with their genetics.

Anybody can go for IVF: IVF can be used by anyone, including single parents and same-sex couples. Moreover, even if you have an unexplained fertility issue, you can seek IVF with the help of fertility professional.

Control over Timing: Couples can select the timing of pregnancy. Moreover, they can also preserve embryos for future use with the help of cryopreservation process. Besides, if you are women with career aspiration, you can always freeze your eggs for future conception purposes.

Downsides of IVF

Just like benefits, IVF does have certain downsides:

Cost effective: IVF medications are costly and frequently not secured by insurance. So, it may not be the right option for many with low budgets.

Emotional and physical strain: The IVF procedure can be emotionally and physically straining. That said, hormonal injections, numerous medical procedures, and the uncertainty of success add more to this existing stress.

Risk of Multiple Pregnancies: IVF increases the chance of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.), which carry higher risks for both mother and babies, including premature delivery 

Side Effects: The intake of fertility medicines can cause side effects like migraines, mood swings, stomach pain, and bloating.

Chance of Ectopic Pregnancy: There’s a little hazard that the developing life can embed exterior the uterus, as a rule in a fallopian tube, driving to an ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not guaranteed: In spite of the advance technology, IVF doesn’t ensure pregnancy. That said, success rates vary depending on variables like age and the reason for infertility.

Potential Birth issues: A few case studies suggest a somewhat higher risk of birth issues in babies conceived through IVF, in spite of the fact that the risk is still moderately low.

Understanding the IVF procedure in easy steps 

The IVF process incorporates a few steps:

Ovarian Stimulation: Fertility medicines are utilized to stimulate the ovaries in order to produce multiple eggs

Egg retrieval: Eggs are retrieved from the ovaries through a minor surgical procedure.

Insemination and Fertilization: The eggs are mixed with sperm and put away in a research facility to trigger fertilization.

Embryo transfer: One or more fertili

Who must Consider IVF?

IVF is considered in the following situations:

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.
  • Male infertility, including diminished sperm count or sperm motility.
  • Women with ovulation issues, premature ovarian failure, or uterine fibroids.
  • People with genetic issues that they don’t want to pass over to their future child.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • Emotional considerations 

The emotional aspect of IVF should not be written off in any manner. That said, the treatment can be a rollercoaster of trust and emotions. This is where support from partners, family, friends, or support groups can be important during this procedure

Budgetary considerations

The financial aspect of IVF is also a crucial factor. Since it’s costly and regularly requires multiple cycles, money related planning is vital for the intended parents. That said, some countries or states offer monetary help or insurance scope, but this may not be available all the time


IVF has opened path to parenthood for many which didn’t have the chance via natural conception. Moreover, it’s an innovation that proceeds to advance and make bigger steps, offering trust to millions of individuals around the world. However, it’s basic for couples considering IVF to understand the potential emotional, physical, and monetary toll it can take. 

This is where weighing the benefits and disadvantages, understanding the procedure, and having realistic expectations are pivotal steps before setting out on this journey. Also, with the right information and support, couples can make an educated choice that’s best for their individual circumstances.

As of 2023, lakhs of IVF babies have been born in almost all countries all over the world and they are healthy, intelligent and very bright future.

In fact many of our babies from Delhi IVF and fertility centre who were born in early 1990’s are now doctors, engineers, architects, professionals in digital media and are doing extremely well in life.

We have seen the IVF babies over the last 30 years do extremely well  in health and in life .

It is an established fact the IVF babies are at par or sometimes even better than normally conceived babies so this myth of having doubts to go with IVF process have been busted way back .

Also , IVF is done in cases where due to multiple reasons the couple is unable to conceive naturally and hence where it is indicated it must be done and the dream of parenthood fulfilled.

It’s such a beautiful advance in science and it would be our loss to not make full use of these advances in science and technology and use it to benefit the millions of infertile couples looking out for solutions to long drawn problems of infertility.

zed eggs (embryos) are implanted to the uterus of the intended mother.