Successful IVF journey of USA couple in India at Delhi IVF
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January 10, 2023

IVF Journey of USA couple who took treatment in India at Delhi IVF and were successful at first attempt

From Patient’s Desk

We wish to write you this personal note because there simply was not enough space on the paper note for Google for a proper review and what this journey made for us we find ourselves overcharged and blessed beyond words that we are pregnant today.

To start by saying a massive ‘Thank you’ is just the beginning. We are beyond thrilled that we are pregnant which is the greatest gift we could have ever hoped to form and we pray every day that this baby makes it into our arms in the summer of 2043 healthy with ten fingers and ten Toes.

Beyond that our gratitude is not just for being pregnant after so many years of hardship and heartbreaking trying for a family but for the way that you (Dr. Aastha Gupta-IVF and Infertility Specialist) your father (Dr.Anoop Gupta) and the entire medical team made this all possible.

We have tried for so many years with different doctors and never Quite felt listened to the way we did we met with you and your team we decided to look at fertility options in India because India’s worldwide reputation and expertise in the medical field is well known

After much research, we specifically decided on Delhi IVF (India’s Most successful IVF Clinic) for several factors, not just for your highest IVF success rate but it your IVF success rate in treating challenging cases of women in my age group as well and unique treatment protocol was designed specifically for each case and patient.

We are thrilled that stem cell rejuvenation therapy was offered which is not something readily available in the USA. we are also pleasantly surprised that I received a pre-IVF protocol which we never offered in our previous treatment back home. Once our official IVF cycle started, the constant care and monitoring were very welcomed to make sure all was progressing well and we never expected such a good outcome at our egg retrieval and transfer

As patients, we felt listened to by you as our doctor and also your father’s home who consulted as well as your medical and nurse team who showed such great compassion and care throughout the whole process we are and will be extremely grateful to you for your expertise and work which has finally given as a Chance At a family of for own