How to Increase Sperm Count naturally for Successful Pregnancy?
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March 18, 2024

How to Increase Sperm Count naturally for Successful Pregnancy?

Regardless of whether it is natural conception or conception via any Assisted Reproductive technology method, the significance of sperm health stays intact. That said, given to unhealthy lifestyle and various other reasons, most of the men nowadays deals with the sperm quality issues. This is where they often come across various fertility issues on their way to parenthood.

Hence, we can say that a sperm health is quite important for effective conception. Still, there are men that often stay concerned regarding – how to increase sperm count naturally? Luckily, there are certain natural ways to increase sperm count and by and large reproductive wellbeing. This article digs deep into the common steps men can take to boost their sperm count naturally, in this manner increasing the chances of conception. Still, before going ahead, let’s first understand the importance of sperm health for not only conception, but for general wellbeing.

What is Sperm count and why it’s so important?

Before we talk any further regarding how to increase sperm count, let’s first talk about what it is and why is it so important. Since years, modern day medical professionals have conducted numerous researches and studies around the sperm health. That said, sperm count refers to the number of sperm present within a semen sample. Also, a count underneath 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen is considered lower than normal. However, this is not the only indicator of sperm health; motility (the capability of sperm to move effectively) and morphology (the shape and structure of sperm) are equally important.

On the other side, the role of health sperm is paramount in a healthy conception. That said, in order for a pregnancy to happen, the sperm has to come across a detailed list of steps. First up, it needs to cover up the journey from the vagina all the way to the fallopian tubes. It then needs to penetrate the outer layer of the egg and then fertilize it. So, we can say that any kind of issues with the sperm health may hinder either of these steps, eventually creating issues in conception.

What factors contributes in affecting the sperm health negatively?

Most of the men often stay worried regarding ‘how to increase sperm count’. Yet, they undermine the core reasons behind poor sperm health most of the time. Here, we discuss the most common factors that contribute towards a poor sperm health.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Nowadays, you can easily find people following an unhealthy lifestyle filled with lots of junk foods, alcohol and smoking. At the same time, you can see them not following the right sleep schedule and mostly staying away from exercising and movement. Given all such situations, they are most likely to face the situation related to worse sperm health.

Exposure to chemicals and toxins around

Air pollution levels have crossed all the limits around most of the cities across the world. With that happening, neither the men nor the women are immune to the toxic chemicals in the air. On the other side, the food we eat, the water we drink, is all exposed to severe chemicals. With such situations worsening over the time, it is really hard for a person to manage with their sperm health.

Random medical issues

Humans nowadays are suffering from one health issue or another. At the same time, health complications like hypertension, diabetes and cancer have become more common than ever. Also, with pandemics like Covid-19 impacting more than half the world, it’s really tough for a person to stay unaffected. Additionally, the treatment to these health issues also involves certain treatment that may expose you to radiation (Cancer therapy for example).

The ‘Age’ Factor

Age is another factor that can really impact the sperm health within a man. That said, with increased age, the fertility of both men and women gets impacted. While this Age factors impacts the egg quality in women, it does the same in regards to the sperm health in the men. Moreover, it makes a huge impact on the sperm motility and morphology at the same time.

How to counter all these factors naturally?

Well, the best way to counter these factors is to ring some necessary changes in your lifestyle and daily routine. That way, you need not to stay confused regarding ‘how to increase sperm count” all the time and can come up with a practical solution over the time. So, simple refer to the pointers mentioned below to make a good start.

Keep up a healthy Weight: Healthy weight can help you with lots of issues in your life and not just the sperm health. That said, more weight can contrarily influence sperm count and motility. This is where following a balanced diet supported with a proper workout routine can help you keep up a healthy weight. Now, once you will achieve that health weight with low fat percentage, you can always look forward to improve your sperm health.

Avoid stress: Stress has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life these days. While we can’t do much about it, we can always look for solutions that can help minimize its onset in our lives. That said, one can opt for practices like meditation, yoga, and normal physical exercises in order to decrease the stress levels in their life.

On the other side, you can look for other ways to de-stress yourself like listening to your favorite music and movies or simply hanging out with your friends. Whatever you do, you are helping yourself towards a better fertility and an improved sperm health.

Avoid Smoking and Liquor consumption: Unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can also impact your sperm health negatively. That said, smoking has been connected to diminished sperm count and motility, whereas excessive liquor consumption can lower down your testosterone levels, influencing sperm production. While we know the issues, we should start working on the solution right away.

Stay wary of the recreational drugs: The younger generation specially is nowadays addicted to several recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana. Not many of those know but these drugs can negatively impact their sperm health in long term. So, in order to make improvements in one’s sperm health, they must skip the intake of any such drugs.

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals: Introduction to natural poisons and certain chemicals can antagonistically influence sperm number. Constraining introduction to pesticides, overwhelming metals, and other poisons is fitting.

How a simple change in your diet can improve sperm health?

In case you are worried and concerned regarding– how to increase sperm count naturally, the following information related to dietary changes can come of great help.

Food rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are known to offer the immunity to our body and this is where we must consume foods that are rich in antioxidants. That said, anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E, selenium, and zinc can help improve your sperm count and quality by lessening oxidative stress. On the other side, foods rich in anti-oxidants include nuts, seeds, berries, and green leafy vegetables.

Include DHA-rich foods: Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, are highly significant for sperm motility. Also, fish such as salmon and sardines are amazing sources of omega-3. Even though you don’t consume non-vegetarian foods, you can opt for sources like Walnuts and either go for supplements.

Minimize consumption of Estrogen-rich Foods: According to a study, the higher levels of estrogen may hinder the sperm count and motility in human body. This is where you can look forward to cut down on certain food options like soya or soya made products.

Go for healthy habits in life !

Remain calm and cool: Increased scrotal temperature can sometime hinder the sperm production in humans. Hence, in order to stay cool and calm, you can avoid hot showers, saunas, and tight clothing to preserve an ideal temperature inside the body.

Make Work out your best friend: Regular workouts can easily help you to mange a lot of health issues, let alone the poor sperm health. That said, proper work out can boost testosterone levels and improve fertility. Still, you must take a note that excessive workout can also adversely affect the situation. So, in order to stay intact, always keep the right balance. 

Pay attention to your sleep: Nothing can replace proper rest and sleep. That said, satisfactory rest is important for keeping up higher testosterone levels and overall sperm wellbeing. Usually, doctor recommends a sleep of around 6-8 hours for an average adult.

Minimize exposure to radiation: Excessive radiation is also harmful for the sperm health in men. That said, overexposure to electronic gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones might influence sperm count and motility. Also, limiting exposure and utilizing protective measures can really come of great help here.

Are there any supplements or herbal remedies to the same?

As far as increasing the sperm count natural way is concerned, you can always count on certain health supplements and even herbal remedies. Still, it’s always recommended to consult with your fertility doctor professional in prior. Here, we list down some of the most sought after supplements and herbal remedies to help you up in this context:

Zinc Supplements: Zinc is known for its properties that help in sperm production and testosterone synthesis. Hence, you can always count on various zinc supplements available in market in order to enhance your sperm health. Again, before making a selection, do check the efficacy and quality of the product.

Fenugreek and Ashwagandha: There are certain herbs that have been regularly utilized to improve fertility and have shown a few positive impacts on sperm quality in certain cases.

Vitamin D and Calcium supplements: On the other hand, several Vitamin D and Calcium supplements have proved their worth in enhancing the sperm health. Still, one must always look to take these supplements in moderation while consulting with their healthcare provider.

While opting for these supplements and herbal remedies, it is always recommended to connect with your fertility professional first. That said, a fertility professional can offer personalized suggestions based on individual health profiles and fertility tests.


There are many men around the world carrying their concerns regarding ‘how to increase sperm count’. Still, what they must know that increasing the sperm health would take them to bring some necessary changes in not only their diet, but the entire lifestyle. Whereas these methodologies can essentially affect sperm health, it’s critical to keep in mind that results may vary from person to person. This is where patience and efforts, coupled with professional guidance, can clear the way for successful conception.