How To Choose an IVF (in vitro fertilization) Clinic
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May 8, 2019

How To Choose an IVF Clinic

Once  it is certain that there is a infertility problem, choosing a clinic is the next important issue to decide.

There is a maze of information floating on the NET and it is quite difficult to make a good informed choice about the clinic .  It is important to choose the best possible clinic for yourself before you start the treatment. To separate the chaff from the grain you should ask several question before you decide about the clinic, and you should know what questions to ask.

These are some of the questions you should ask the fertility expert:

  • Can I have a Natural cycle (No Drugs), if I wish ?
  • Will i be informed about all test e.g. USG, Blood tests etc. during the treatment.
  • From the starting to end of my procedure, how many visits are required from my side?
  • Will my embryo’s incubator use 6% oxygen (the same as in the fallopian tube and uterus) or 20% oxygen?
  • What is the clinic’s detailed experience with transferring day 5 blastocysts?.

In addition to these questions, there may be more questions to be  asked, and Delhi IVF welcomes questions on any aspect of infertility management and the services our clinic provides. Following are some questions that might help you to get a clear picture of what a clinic can do. We hope they will help you make a good choices by understanding what your minimum expectations are.

Q: How does the clinic keep abreast of the latest technology?

A: Delhi IVF not only has ready access to latest technologies¬, in fact it pioneers them. Delhi IVF was the first program in Delhi with laser assisted hatching and we were the pioneers in ICSI treatment and clinically proven stage specific embryo culture medium. We are using Australia’s cook culture medium, which is rated best in the world for improving embryos development and blasotcyst culture (growing the embryos till Day­ 5).

Q: What is the percentage of success of your patients at the clinic and also explain the whole treatment required to become pregnant?

A: While considering the clinic its vital to get the complete information about that’s present and the previous treatment being completed. If you are under 35 at over 1 in 3 couples have a baby on their first attempt and on average, pregnancy is achieved within 2 cycles from one stimulation cycle (i.e. including frozen embryo transfers) you have a greater than 50% chance of having a baby. These are world standard success rates.

Q: What will a treatment cycle cost?

A: Results should also be taken into account when considering costs. A number of attempts with a low chance of success will end up being more expensive than one or two cycles with a top rated laboratory and success oriented program.

Q: Does the clinic offer preimplantation genetic diagnosis?

A: Yes, we carry this out in collaboration with IVIOMICS.