How Much Possibility Is There To Conceive Through Low Dose IVF Treatment?
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September 4, 2019

How Much Possibility Is There To Conceive Through Low Dose IVF?

It is quite well known that IVF or the In Vitro Fertilization is the artificial way to conceive a baby. The eggs from the ovaries are extracted and are fused with the sperm manually outside and then are again injected in the body. But what is something worth knowing is the low dose IVF.

What is this low dose IVF or better known as the minimal IVF? It is normally the same technique, just with a smaller change that the fertilization medicine used in the process is of the minimum level. Though this lesser use of medicine is getting popular because it is considered to be safer but of course, the chances of yielding a pregnancy are in debate as of now.

A study conducted in the Bellingham IVF center showed up a result that the pregnancy results of the mini IVF were almost the same as that of the standard IVF process. But again, on the other hand, it needs to be noticed that the women who were considered in the study were all under the age of 40. So, when another study was conducted, it was found that the chances of pregnancy through IVF are of 10% in comparison to the standard IVF that has a chance of more than 30%.

The Process Of Low Dose IVF

There have been a number of researches conducted all across the world regarding the low dose IVF process. In one of such processes, it was again found that about 1 of every 3 women going under the process were able to conceive. But again, the women who conceived took as many as 3 cycles in order to get pregnant.

Based on such studies, it is also concluded by many experts that the low dose IVF can show results if the proper steps are followed.

  • Before taking up the mini IVF process, it is needed to get one round of contraceptive pills so that the cycle can be normalized.
  • After this, an ultrasound should be conducted to analyze the health condition of the person. The doctor will be able to say whether the person is perfect for the process or not.
  • On getting a sign that everything is perfect, the doctor prescribes a small dose of clomiphene citrate. This helps in boosting up the ovulation and producing more eggs.
  • Soon, the human chorionic gonadotrophic injection will be used when the follicles are matured enough.
  • After this, the normal process of egg retrieval and fertilization will be carried on followed by the process of embryo transfer.

If you are thinking about having such as process done, it is very important to consult the experts. One of the experts that you can consult is Dr. Anoop Gupta at the Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre.

Dr. Anoop Gupta (IVF and infertility specialist) and Alka Gupta (chief embryologist) have been known to visit the best IVF hospital in the world in order to understand about the failed IVF cases and also to learn the new techniques of 2018.