Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients in Delhi, India
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Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients

Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients

Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients in Delhi

Young age women who are threatened with the disease like cancer may be afraid of losing their capability to give birth to a child someday. Chemotherapy and radiation can be proven as the life saving treatments on one side but on the other side, it can harm your fertility level to a huge extent.

At Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre, young women who are cancer patients may choose egg freezing as their option of preserving their fertility before starting with the cancer treatments as we offer very affordable egg freezing for cancer patients in India.

We work in synchronization with the best oncologists & oncosurgeons across the country.

This way, women can become pregnant easily in future whenever they decide (depending upon the clinical conditions of each patient) once they are completely cancer free.

We understand that cancer is one of the nerve-racking diseases and it takes the bravest heart to fight with it each moment. Thus, one who has already fought with such conditions in life won’t be threatened to face another stressful disease (infertility).

What Happens to Fertility after Cancer- Oncofertility

Oncofertility is a subfield that fills the gap between oncology and reproductive research. It helps in expanding the reproductive life of the cancer survivors. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries may completely destroy the woman’s ability to conceive a child in future as these treatments can cause ovarian damage which can lead to destruction of women eggs, early menopause, ovarian failure and other reproductive problems. Young women who are cancer patients have expressed their desire and tendency to fight stronger with the life taking disease like cancer without any fear as they are very well aware of their fertility preservation with egg freezing for cancer survivors, which will secure their eggs or oocytes, so that they can become mother easily in future.

Already, women are born with the limited number of eggs, which keeps declining in terms of their quality and quantity as the age increases. Thus, if jeopardized with the cancer then this declining rate increases gradually due to toxic effect of cancer & its treatment (chemotherapy/radio therapy).

Chemotherapy & Early Menopause

Cancer is a most dangerous disease which may take a person’s life if not diagnosed on time. The life taking risk increases with the stages of cancer. Chemotherapies and radiations are the basic treatments for a cancer survivor, which may make women unable to give birth to a child in future by destroying her fertility level. Drugs and medicines given during the treatment of cancer are very toxic to the ovarie/eggs and fertility potential of women.

Chemotherapies can accelerate the risk of early menopause in some young women. This may happen promptly or after few years of the treatment, that’s why egg freezing for cancer patients in Delhi is the best option for women who want to secure their future babies. If you think of having a baby after completing your cancer treatment then you must consult our doctor.