Dr. Aastha Gupta was LIVE on FM Rainbow 102.6 with RJ Rajshree Trivedi
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May 4, 2019

Dr. Aastha Gupta was live on “FM Rainbow 102.6” with RJ Rajshree Trivedi

One of the leading and well-known IVF specialists, Gynaecologists and Obstetricians in India, Dr. Aastha Gupta was recently invited as an expert for the show “Helpline” by FM Rainbow 102.6 to discuss on today’s most highlighted and concerned topic “Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients”.

Over the discussion and Live session of 1 hour, each and every query of people from around the country was answered by the gynaecologist and fertility expert Dr. Aastha Gupta.

Sharing Below a Glimpse of Few Questions:

A person from Madhya Pradesh asked her a common question that why does cancer occur and what is its main cause? Dr. Aastha deliberately gave the answer to this that “Occurrence of cancer depends upon different factors in people of different age groups; children might be caught in cancer because of some genetic reasons, etc. and sometimes, it may be caused due to lifestyle, stress, negligence of a long standing infection, etc so she highly advices that if you feel a doubt you must consult your doctor immediately without any delay.”

She also said, “Cancer is identified very commonly in young people nowadays, both men and women. Therefore, with the time the technology has also become so advanced to treat the cancer properly and completely. Also, due to the cancer therapies and treatment, the reproductive organs of the cancer patients get damaged which results in the failure in becoming parents after the treatment. But, science has brought an advancement & breakthrough as fertility preservation for cancer patients whether men or women and these techniques have the successful results for having children later.” Dr. Aastha talked about our aim should be to prevent infertility and through the platform of radio; she has tried to spread the awareness of fertility preservation in cancer patients.

She discussed over various reasons these days like stress, lifestyle, pollution, late marriages, divorces, more focus on career for women etc. due to which women delay their motherhood and hold their decision of becoming a mother for later. She advises that awareness for egg freezing or fertility preservation is highly necessary in today’s world. If women won’t use the advanced technology which science offers them now then it is their loss in future. She also advises the parents to come forward in high numbers and encourage their daughters.

Egg freezing in late 20’s and early 30’s can maximize your chances of becoming a mother later”! Also a long discussion was made as to how this is in tandem with ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ slogan and campaign.