Cosmopolitan Magazine Interviewed Our IVF Specialist Dr. Aastha Gupta
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May 8, 2019

Cosmopolitan Magazine Interviewed Dr. Aastha Gupta on “EGG FREEZING”

Cosmopolitan Magazine Interviewed  Our Advanced Fertility/IVF consultant and Gynecologist Dr. Aastha Gupta on “EGG FREEZING”

Dr. Aastha Gupta was recently invited by the world’s largest woman’s Magazine COSMOPOLITAN, a part of The India Today Group which is India’s most respected and sort after media conglomerate that has developed a fortunate legacy of trust, leadership and appreciation, to have a discussion on the topic which is talk of the town these days i.e. Egg Freezing.

Discussing it over cocktails or coffee frequently has really hyped up this topic as women are more concerned these days about their future fertility and freezing their eggs.

One of the leading IVF experts in India and Advanced Fertility/IVF consultant and Gynecologist at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre.

At first, Dr. Aastha Gupta was asked about “What is Egg Freezing”?

Stop Your “Biological Clock” With Us! Preserve Your Fertility before Age or “Pollution” kills it! – Dr. Aastha Gupta

Further, she explains, the process of egg-freezing or oocyte cryopreservation, comprises of stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce various eggs, retrieving the eggs from the ovaries and taking them to the lab, where they are cooled down to very low temperature to be thawed in future.

Along with this, she shared her overall experience and the journey till date in this medical field which is very unique in its own way. She also said that there can be many reasons why women are opting to freeze their eggs.

As per the database of Delhi IVF almost 88% of women do so because they haven’t found their right partner, 24% of women do so because of their professional life and career related problems, 15% of women do so for financial reasons and other 15% of women because they were not ready for childbearing at the current moment and 8% of women do so for various different reasons including cancer .

She also highlighted that sometimes because of cancer treatment, which can cause early menopause, that’s why egg freezing is a better choice before the treatment begins to stay away from the risk of infertility later.

“If egg freezing is done before the age of 36, it would be much better” – Dr. Aastha Gupta

She has various reputed medical certifications in her list, which makes her more versatile to treat even the toughest situations of infertility problems. Therefore, she works with the vision to eliminate the problem of infertility from the society and educate people on “how they can stay away from infertility”, and how “prevention is better than cure.