Approach to IVF Treatment Failures: How to Plan your Next step?
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November 22, 2023

Approach to IVF Failures: How to Plan your Next step?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has come up as a big hope for numerous couples dealing with the evils of infertility across the globe. In any case, the journey through IVF isn’t without its challenges, especially when confronted with the emotional trauma of IVF failures. While this brings loads of stress to the intended parents, it further dents their hope of any future possibility of seeking parenthood. Yet, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, all you have to do is look for it. This blog investigates ways and techniques for dealing with IVF failures, with a focus on real-time examples.

Understanding IVF and its Challenges

IVF may be a complex procedure for many where an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. Moreover, the resultant embryo is then implanted into the uterus of the intended mother. That said, the success rate of IVF depends on different components, including age, basic fertility issues, and the quality of the embryo. In India, the IVF success rate varies, but it’s by and large around 30-35%, which suggests a big number of attempts result in failures.

Yet, there are some highly advisable ways and suggestions that can help you deal with all such IVF failures. Following those, you can minimize the pain and agony out of these failures to a big extent. But, first, you got to deal with the emotional and psychological impact of the IVF failures.

Dealing with the emotional and psychological impact

The emotional toll of an unsuccessful IVF cycle cannot be downplayed. That said, individuals and couples usually get through a range of feelings from grief, sadness, anger and anxiety. In India, where there’s a high societal pressure to have children, the emotional affect can be indeed more significant. The story of Priya and Raj from Mumbai, who went through three unsuccessful IVF cycles, highlights this. Moreover, they came up with sentiments of confinement and disappointment, triggered mostly by societal judgment.

Key tips to deal with IVF Failures

Look for professional guidance: It’s basic to have a steady fertility specialist by your side who can give clear clarifications and guidance around your fertility journey. These fertility professionals emphasize the significance of straightforward communication between specialists and patients. They further advocate for a personalized approach, changing treatment plans based on a person’s individual response to a treatment.

Counseling and Support groups: Counseling can be unimaginably useful in cases related to IVF failures. That said, clinicians specializing in fertility issues can offer coping strategies. Besides, support groups, both online and offline, give a platforms for sharing experiences. For example, there are many online communities in India that offers a secure space for couples to share their IVF journeys and look for support.

Physical Wellbeing and Lifestyle changes: Keeping up physical wellbeing through a healthy and balanced diet, normal work out, and maintaining distance from harmful substances can move forward the chances of success in future IVF cycles. Also, Yoga and meditation, broadly practiced in India, can moreover be advantageous in overseeing stress and moving forward in general well-being.

Exploring your options: Even if IVF doesn’t bring any results for you, it’s important to examine other alternatives with fertility professionals. These may incorporate repeated IVF cycles, utilizing donor eggs or sperm, surrogacy, or indeed investigating adoption. In India, there has been a slow increase in acknowledgment and acceptance of these options.

Monetary planning: IVF can be costly, and the same cost can further bring more stress to the intended parents. In India, where insurance options for IVF are still not that popular, financial planning gets to be crucial. That said, some clinics offer financial counseling and payment plans to assist managing the costs.

Keeping patience and tolerance: Patience is key within the IVF journey. That said, each failed IVF treatment is an opportunity to correct your mistakes and change the approach. The story of Anjali and Vivek from Bangalore is rousing in this respect. After four failed IVF attempts, they finally succeeded on their fifth attempt, much obliged to a combination of medical alternatives and emotional flexibility.

Real-Time examples from India

Case Study 1 : Anu and Sameer from Hyderabad witnessed five IVF cycles over a span of three years before they finally conceived. Moreover, their journey was checked by emotional and financial strain, but their patience finally paid off. Also, their story reflects the significance of flexibility and maintained efforts within the face of difficulty.

Case Study 2: Geeta, a 38-year-old from Chennai, confronted numerous IVF failures due to unexplained fertility isuses. She turned to yoga and dietary changes, which not only improved her physical wellbeing but moreover her mental well-being. Also, her 6th IVF cycle was effective, underscoring the key role o diet and lifestyle changes in IVF.

There are many case studies like these around the world where people have succeeded beyond every odd in their fertility journey. All you have to do is be patient and resilient while going ahead in the same direction.


IVF failures are evidently challenging, but they are not the end of road for the intended parents. So, if you have dealt with similar situation, opt for medical guidance, emotional support, lifestyle changes, and flexibility for better results.

The experience of numerous couples in India, confronting one of a kind societal pressure in finding success through diligence and flexibility, offer important bits of knowledge for anybody exploring this journey. That said, the key takeaway is to keep trust and investigate all accessible alternatives whereas taking care of one’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

In quintessence, each IVF travel is interesting, and disappointment in initial attempts does not block future victory. With the proper approach, back, and assets, overcoming the obstacles of IVF could be a substantial plausibility.