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May 8, 2019

5 Things You Should Know Before Considering IVF

IVF is the fastest growing alternate method for those couples who face trouble in conceiving a child. Therefore, with the increasing popularity, a lot of misinformation has also been circulated in the market. Creating the doubts and fear among people, who are considering this option.

By this, we don’t mean that all the information you come across is fake, but most of it can be deceiving. Through this article, we’ll try to focus your perspective on the important factors that impact on IVF success rates and some tips on asking the right questions.

Research about the Process

Before deciding to undergo the IVF process, patients need to understand the each and every step of the IVF cycle and what will it take. Being well informed about the treatment will help you to mentally prepare yourself for the physical and emotional changes you will be brought by IVF. Success ratio varies at all clinics and thus, it is your responsibility to ask for a success rate for a particular treatment.

Patients also need to consider that which health care services are covered under their healthcare plans. Also, the services provided and the treatment process is worth spending a huge amount or not.

Ensure to be as healthy as Possible

Adopting a healthy nutrition with good diet and fitness program can be the best way to begin your fertility journey. Studies have found that women who have good emotional and physical health have the highest chances of getting success in IVF treatment. Consuming alcohol regularly will reduce the chances of conception and smoking cigarettes can create problems in conceiving up to 60 percent. Also, woman’s overweight may also show a negative impact on their success ratio.

Your Age

When we talk about fertility treatment, the younger age is most suitable to perform a fertility treatment in terms of highest success ratio. In women, the decline in the fertility level starts at the age of 35. This means that women of early 40s have very low chances of conceiving and by 45 it becomes very difficult to get a good success rate. This happens because by the time number and quality of eggs reduce. Also, men’s fertility decline with the age due to reducing testosterone levels which means that only fewer sperms are produced.

You may require more than One Cycle of Treatment

The IVF success ratios are around 35% on an average, which means that most of the patients will need to undergo multiple treatments before attaining a successful pregnancy. As new and latest techniques are being adopted, the success ratio is also improving constantly, but by small amounts. When you start a fertility treatment just keep in mind that you are starting with the full treatment course and not just the one cycle. This will help you to mentally prepare yourself for future treatment cycles.

Stay Positive

Studies and great experience has proven the fact that women below the age of 35 have the highest chances of getting pregnant and after that age, the success ratio of conceiving a child in women starts reducing. But whenever you’re undergoing an IVF treatment, you need to be positive and confident with whatever you have decided. Also, factors such as lifestyle, health and general habits determine your success of the treatment. All you need to do is never lose the hope and always be positive.