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May 8, 2019

What is Single Parenting?

In many cases, women and men choose to stay single and still want to have a family. These persons want to stay single by “choice”. The word “choice” is defined as the right or liberty to choose.” It is also defined as the “best or most preferable ” Both the definitions apply to this group of women and men, who not only want to be a mother or father, but they also choose to be a SINGLE PARENT.

Some are also same sex couples who wish to have a family and IVF is the option for them via Altruistic Surrogacy, egg donation, Nevertheless, this community of single women or men, who choose to become mothers/ fathers, had a need, that we felt obliged to help.

What is Best For A Single Parent- Altruistic Surrogacy or Adoption?

Through adoption couples can have a family by providing a home to a child in need, but  adoption process in India is very slow, long and tedious.

However, Altruistic Surrogacy by In-vitro fertilization (IVF) offers couples the chance to have their own biological child through a completely legal process in lesser time.

How in Vitro Fertilization Works?

In Vitro Fertilization is a process by which a woman’s eggs are fertilized with sperms from a male in the laboratory. IVF technology provides us with an opportunity to get sperm or egg donated from a donor (another person), to produce an embryo, which can be transplanted in to the surrogate uterus for the delivery of the offspring.

At Delhi IVF we provide all the services under one roof, may it be egg or sperm donor, surrogate mother and even the legal advice and paper work to support you in this endeavour.

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