German News Channel n-tv Interviewed Dr. Anoop Gupta and Dr. Aastha Gupta
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May 4, 2019

Renowned German News Channel n-tv Interviewed Dr. Anoop Gupta and Dr. Aastha

N-TV”, the German News Channel’s Reporter Visited Delhi IVF for an Exclusive Coverage!
A reporter of N-TV, a prominent news channel in Germany, visited Delhi IVF for an exclusive coverage and interviewing Dr. Anoop Gupta and Dr. Aastha Gupta on various aspects of infertility and advanced IVF treatment in elderly and post-menopausal women (women whose menses have stopped), Egg Freezing, Sperm Freezing, Vitrification and various other advancements in the field of infertility treatments.

When they visited Delhi IVF in Bengali Market, Delhi, they observed and examined each and every process and steps going on at the clinic. Simultaneously, they kept interviewing Dr. Anoop Gupta & Dr. Aastha Gupta to understand how the treatment works or how a particular technology is used to treat infertile patients. Dr. Anoop Gupta & Dr. Aastha Gupta explained each and everything in detail and shared their experience as a purpose of spreading awareness amongst more and more people. They covered the labs and how the procedures work in the IVF laboratories and appreciated the ongoing processes ensuring quality control. Also, they were surprised to look at the success rates of the treatments at Delhi IVF as compared to any other infertility clinic. Getting more into the topic and showing more interest for understanding the different methods of processes and infertility treatments, they continued to explore more about the clinic and how the toughest cases are also solved easily at Delhi IVF.

Moving on and learning about the fact that a 64 years old woman also conceived at Delhi IVF, they desired to personally meet them and interview them about how their experience was and how Delhi IVF played a major role during their IVF journey to success.