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May 8, 2019

Moral Belief For IVF Treatment

Your Moral Belief:

At Delhi IVF we absolutely respect your moral belief for IVF Treatment. Because of this, we have taken the care to devise acceptable assisted conception programs for virtually all faiths Christianity (including the Brethren), Islamic, Jewish (including supervised Kosher treatment cycles), Hindu and Buddhist. We guarantee that your egg and your sperm will never be used in a way that you have not explicitly or implicitly consented to.

When Does Life Start?

There are various views on the fact of the beginning of a new life. Every person has a different thinking process and how they understand the situation. Some say that the sperm enters the eggs and for some, it is a situation where genes of two people combine together (this happens later after the fertilization process and known as syngamy), while other people take it as the development stage of the embryo or fetus like nervous system development and implantation.

people consider cryostorage (freezing) of embryos after an IVF treatment, they fight their inner-self being in confusion just because of these questions. Embryos are often cryo stored if there are more produced than are necessary for a single embryo transfer. This allows the embryos transferring during combining the ovaries with hormones just for one time.

For most people it is the favorable option as it is the ovarian stimulation which is highly expensive and complex part of an IVF cycle. But yes, it also means that there are often embryos developed those will never be transferred. For some people, this proves as a morally not acceptable situation.


Syngamy means two people of the opposite sex become one. It is that phase when genes of both the partner’s egg and sperm combine together to create one. This takes place in fertilized egg approx. after 20 hours later the sperm enters it. But few hours before syngamy takes place, sperms cells and egg’s cells are seen in different vacuoles called as pronuclei.

Till this stage, the eggs are completely fertilized but still, the genes of both women and men haven’t yet made a zygote (become one). So that it can be shifted to the fallopian tube (by laparoscopy or vaginally, by ultrasound-guided catheter).

What are the Special Options and Alternatives?

To provide sperm without masturbation, semen can be collected in a non- sperm-toxic silastic condom during sexual intercourse. These special condoms are available from Delhi IVF.

To avoid any manipulation of eggs outside the body, consider IUI intrauterine insemination of prepared sperm at ovulation, which can be stimulated to produce multiple follicles (although with a chance of high multiple pregnancies, such as triplets).

To avoid fertilization outside the body, consider GIFT ( gamete intrafallopian transfer), in which unfertilized eggs are transferred with separate sperm into the fallopian tube at laparoscopy.

To avoid producing more eggs that will be used, consider natural cycle IVF (without ovarian stimulation, but with in vitro fertilization).

To avoid producing more fertilized eggs that will be used, we can fertilize just two or three recovered eggs after stimulation.

To avoid producing more embryos than will be used yet still have the medical benefit of freezing fertilized eggs that have not yet become embryos, we can freeze extra fertilized eggs before syngamy.