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International FAQ

International FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide an initial video consultation?

Yes, we arrange for an initial detailed video consultation with our Medical Director based on your convenient time and day. Be prepared with reports if any for this call along with a detailed history.

Do you provide accommodation?

Yes, we provide world class accommodation with 24 x7 security, Wifi, DTH, laundry services and with easy access to all kinds of food.

How long is the average stay?

The average stay is dependent on your initial video consultation with our Medical Director. It can vary from as short as 1 week to as long 6 weeks all depending on your case requirements. In many cases we even help you get part of your treatment in your own country and the main process here in India.

Do you help with the visa process?

Yes, we provide help with the visa application process.

Do you provide airport pickup and drop?

Yes, we do provide this service in a well structured way. We also provide a local sim if required as well.

Have you had other international patients?

Yes, we have other more than 8000++ IVF babies of international patients from countries such as USA ( more than 2000++ patients in last 30 years ) United Kingdom ( 1500++ ) United Arab Emirates (1000+) countries, Mauritius (500+) Singapore, Malaysia, Almost all African countries ( Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana Sudan cote d ivore , Cameroon ), Germany, Switzerland Canada , France, Italy and total 65 countries across the world.

On an average more than 10+ IVF international patients visit us every month for last 30 years.

You can have a look at the link for further details..share international link here

What is the average cost of treatment?

The average cost of treatment will again determine your course of treatment. You will get detailed counseling depending on the case once you’re done with consultation with our Medical Director.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate is listed in the success rate page.

‍I’m not comfortable with English, would I get help with translation?

Yes, we have a facility to get translation done, as we’ve continuously treat patients across different in many many different languages.
In fact we have many inhouse staff members who speak most of the different languages.

Is there any probability of error in semen egg mismatch?

You will be given a set of instructions during the call to be followed for your treatment schedule. Other than that, there are no real special preparations needed.

How would the follow-up happen once I go back to my country?

Follow ups can be scheduled through video consultations with doctor at regular intervals. Yes, it can be arranged very conveniently

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