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May 8, 2019

Failed IVF Cycle

We, at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre, being pioneers in this field and with vast experience and knowledge of 25 years, specialize in the previous multiple failed IVF cycles.

We have been successful in treating several hundred of such couples.

Many couples married for 20-30 years and with no children have been able to successfully become pregnant at our clinic.

How IVF Treatment at Delhi IVF Helps Even After Previous IVF Cycle Failure?

As our understanding of reproductive physiology increases, the success rate in IVF cycle has shown improvement. Still, sometimes it takes more than one or two cycles to get a pregnancy. It is very disheartening both for the patients and the doctors.

Due to our vast experience, we understand the mental status of such patients. Our doctors and staff is quick to respond to the needs of such patient and guide them about the next course of treatment without letting frustration creep in. We help the patients by suggesting alternative approaches to conceive.

Every good thing takes time to happen and so as IVF cycles, some women conceive in the first or second cycle while others may take three to four cycles, depending upon their body functioning and various factors involved in that.

Some Known Reasons of IVF Failure

Quality of Embryos

Even when the embryo are formed their quality may not be good. Such embryo when transferred to the uterus either do not implant or do not develop further even after implantation.

Eggs Age

The age of the egg is very important in the process of conception. If the eggs have been sitting in the ovary for very long time then the genetic material tends to deteriorate I.e. the more they age the more their inability to produce a normal pregnancy.

Poor Ovarian Response

Patients who are poor responders, due to low antral follicle count have lesser chance of having a pregnancy. In women, 35 years of age and above have a lesser chance of having a successful IVF cycle.

Lifestyle Factors

These days life style also plays an important role in the success of the IVF cycle. Women who smoke, drink, are overweight may lead to decreased chances of conception.