Egg Freezing Process at Delhi Egg Freezing Centre
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Egg Freezing Process

Egg Freezing Process

How Long Does Egg Freezing Process at Delhi Egg Freezing Centre Take?

The women of today, yes! We mean the modern women. Yes! Yes! It’s you. As the generation and the time have changed, the perspective of looking towards each and everything has changed too. Nowadays people much bother about standing at a good and valuable position in life and thus, whether men or women, they are ready to spend years for their career. But here, what worries women most Is their fertility in terms of their increasing age.

Egg freezing is the technology that can stop the biological clock of the women (who thinks of becoming a mother someday later in life) by preserving their fresh and robust eggs. At Delhi Egg Freezing Centre, we use the latest method of vitrification, where the eggs are frozen at the temperature of -196° C in liquid nitrogen, so storing eggs for years doesn’t harm the quality of the eggs. Though, the maximum duration for which the eggs have been stored is 10-12 years yet. Our experts say that it is recommended to use the frozen eggs as soon as possible so as to become pregnant successfully.

The Egg Freezing Process 

Ovarian Stimulation

Your egg freezing process will basically begin with giving you the fertility medications, which are given to stimulate your ovaries. Women are given fertility medications on day 2 of starting the period, and it continues for the next 10-12 days. This phase will make your visit to our clinic 3-4 times for ultrasound and blood tests so that the growth of follicles can be observed. Once there is a good quantity of mature follicles prepared to produce the eggs, you’ll be given another injection after your eggs will be retrieved 36 hours later.

Egg Retrieval

The process of egg retrieval is performed under anesthesia. The whole procedure of egg retrieval completes in around 20 minutes. During this process, our doctor will use a transvaginal ultrasound probe. It allows them to view the ovary clearly and reach the exact position of each follicle, permitting them to retrieve all the eggs.

Once the process is complete and you reach back your home, you’ll have to take a rest for the same day. You can resume normal activity the next day.

Freezing the Eggs

After the eggs are retrieved, your work is done and your eggs will be directly taken to our high-tech lab and cooled down at a very low temperature through the method of vitrification and they will be stored in special storage until you use them.