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Egg Freezing for Single Woman

Egg Freezing for Single Woman

Egg Freezing for Single Woman in New Delhi, India

Empowering & Liberating!

Haven’t found the best life partner? Are you still looking foryour perfect match? Also, is the increasing age and decreasing fertility giving you reminders & jitters time to time?

Yet Not Met The Right Partner?

Women who haven’t find the right partner for them may prefer to preserve their healthy and young eggs for the future at Delhi Egg Freezing Centre until they find someone with whom they can spend their life and have a family with.

As the biological clock doesn’t stop for anyone and it keeps on ticking, so as to be secured for future motherhood women these days electively decide to do egg freezing, which is the method of preserving their healthy eggs for future use. As women advance in age into mid & late thirties, the quality & quantity of healthy oocytes decreases and thus, the chances of getting pregnant declines, birth of an abnormal child ,the chances of miscarriage and down syndrome increases.

How it is Possible?

Before getting into all the technicalities of the egg freezing, you must understand the biological clock of a woman.

When the child is actually in the womb of the mother, you know how many eggs are there? 5-6 millions eggs! And when she gets born, those eggs become just 1 million as so many of them die. At puberty, it’s about 2-5 lakh eggs and mind you! At 37, they become just 5000 eggs and when she turns 50, its only a thousand eggs.

It is important to grasp as woman ages, it becomes difficult for her to conceive, and you know nearly 70% of the people at the age of 40 find it difficult to conceive, another problem associated with is also Down syndrome and this can be prevented today by egg freezing. When the girl is 30 years old, she has a chance of having a down’s baby is 1 in 1000 but when she turns 40 that chance increases to 1 in 100.

Advancing Egg Freezing for Single Woman Liberates Them from the Jitters of Biological Clock

Freezing your eggs will take away the pressure of finding your partner under the pressure of aging and decreasing reproductive ability.

Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre has the team of experts who is always there to help each and every patient and guide through the best. We have the advance and latest technology of freezing the woman’s eggs and that is by the method of vitrification or flash freezing. In this technique the egg is at the body temperature of 37centigrade, we take on the little straw and dip it into liquid nitrogen which takes it to -196 centigrade rapidly. How rapid is the drop in temperature? -20,000 per minute and that change in technology has resulted in those eggs surviving, it’s so rapid that there are no ice crystals and today with this technology, the survival of the eggs is 97-99% and that’s why this technology can be used.

“The act of egg freezing also has the impact of making women feel more in control of their dating lives. Far from cheering women to wait, I discovered that egg freezing made it easier for women to relax and find the right life partner.” – (Quote from Sarah Elizabeth Richards, Author)