Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman in Delhi, India
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Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman

Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman

Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman in New Delhi, India

Empowering & Liberating!

Deciding to dissolve the institution of marriage is never an easy decision for anyone when you’ve already invested so much of your life into someone; starting over with a new chapter of life with  another person is a dreadful thought.

When you are still in your late 20’s and early 30’s then definitely you can think of moving on in life and look for another life partner later who can understand you well. But adjusting with a new person and making seal of trust will definitely take time.

In this situation, one can explore the option of egg freezing as your option to preserve your fertility and keep your eggs preserved. Afterwards, you can take time to take life decisions as the fear of losing fertility is taken care of.

Preserve your fertility now & keep all your options open for the future!

Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre offers affordable egg freezing for the divorced woman in India who dreams of having a happy family with another life partner after her divorce and is brave enough to start a new journey of life with someone who is more committed towards her.

Some women also lose trust in the institution of marriage after a bad experience & may want to decide to be single mother in the future.

Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman Can Offer Them More Choices

In this new era, developments and innovations in the medical field are providing the latest solutions to alleviate all the fears in women of losing their reproductive capability.

Today, egg freezing for divorced women has become very common among women of younger ages whose past marriage weren’t successful. Choosing egg freezing as the insurance plan, these women preserve their fertility so that they won’t be threatened with the problem of infertility in future whenever they decide to plan their family with another life partner.

However, in this phase, the biological clock still ticks and therefore, women need to act sooner than later if they desire to preserve robust eggs. “Women who freeze eggs (oocytes) before 36 years of age have more chances of pregnancy later in future”.

Why Egg Freezing for Divorced Woman at Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre?

The DEFC is a part of DIFC, who carry 30 years legacy of best & successful pioneering infertility lab in the country with highly consistent success rates. They have been pioneers & have always been the 1st ones to have breakthrough in technology and expertise in any field of Infertility in the last 30 years. That’s the heritage & legacy this research centre has & it continues to shine into the future.

The experience, expertise and the team of doctors at Delhi IVF Egg Freezing Centre is immensely great for successful egg freezing and using eggs successfully in the future as our doctors and staff is well trained and has the advanced knowledge of how to use your eggs for successful pregnancies in the future.

Our doctors and nurses are given special training time to time on the latest developments in this field and which latest technology has come in the market to make the treatment and the procedure easier. Also, we use the method of vitrification or flash freezing to freeze your eggs as it is an ultra-rapid cooling technique.