FIRST POST’ Publishes Dr. Aastha Gupta’s article On Egg Freezing
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May 4, 2019

Egg Freezing” & “Delayed Motherhood”- ‘ FIRST POST’ Publishes Dr. Aastha Gupta’s Article.

She is one of the leading IVF specialists in India and advanced fertility/IVF consultant and Gynecologist at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre. Her article on “Egg Freezing” & “Delayed Motherhood” for women in India was recently published by the Firstpost, an Indian news and media website and a part of the Network 18 media conglomerate owned by Reliance Industries, which also runs CNN-News18 and CNBC-TV18.

From being a shocking term to a common need of most of the women in India and everywhere now “Egg freezing” has wowed many of us in yesteryears with its successful results and therefore, it has become common now after all it has immense benefits for the women of today’s world.

Further, she explains “another reason that has led to the reception of this procedure is the involvement of known celebrity faces and many other prominent personalities. Though most choose to stay anonymous”

Alongside all the information in the article, she shared few examples of egg freezing like former Miss World and Miss India World of 1997 Diana Hayden has been talked about giving birth at the age of 42 to a baby with the help of this process.


When she was 32, Diana froze her eggs because of her career and waiting to find the right partner. Her reasons will definitely relate to many other women of her age. Internationally, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian are also the promoters of this modern-day science.

She also disclosed in her article, the RIGHT time for successful results, it is preferable for women to freeze their eggs between the ages of 32-36. There is no specific upper age but maximum 40 years is accepted for it.

“Egg Freezing as a Backup Plan”- Dr. Aastha Gupta

This is what she mentioned- “Freezing one’s eggs is as a backup plan that would help women when required. The percentage of retrieving the healthy eggs( thawing) after vitrification technique ( used to freeze) is almost 95-99%. Five eggs retrieved can provide approx 15% chances; whereas 10 eggs give you 61% and 15 eggs retrieved give you 85% chances. The quality of the eggs, implantation rate, and the quality of the sperm are a few elements that play a pivotal role in the success of this procedure and all these depend upon the age.”

Talking about Dr. Aastha Gupta, she has earned variety of renowned medical fellowships and, certifications, which makes her even more talented and skillful to treat the toughest cases of infertility and help counsel women to plan their fertility and families. Therefore, she has the foresight and a vision towards ‘ prevention is better than cure ‘ towards the problem of infertility specially for women who want to start their families at a later age.