Discuss All About Infertility Over a Cup of Coffee
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Discuss Over a Cup of Coffee

Discuss Over a Cup of Coffee

Let us Discuss Over a Cup of Coffee

Delhi-IVF has a forum where we can discuss all about assisted reproductive technology over a cup of coffee. Anyone who wants to discuss with our doctors or nursing staff or counselors can request for a meeting at our convenience. We are always available to arrange for a meeting to help you understand all aspects of treatment with reference to your case.

IVF treatment is very demanding psychologically as well financially. So there are always unanswered questions. Our counselors are there to assuage your fears and apprehensions.

We can also arrange for you to meet other patients who have been treated successfully at Delhi IVF.

The interaction will also help to understand the needs of the patients and help us improve the facilities for the patients.

Hope this will help all of us where we can interact.

Prior registration will be required to arrange the meeting.