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Counseling Session for Infertility, stress, PCOS fertility treatment , before IUI & IVF

Counseling Session for Infertility, stress, PCOS fertility treatment , before IUI & IVF

When to See Fertility Counselors?

Thinking of starting family planning- to understand your and your partner’s health status and address the concerns ( if any )

  • Preconception, including fertility issues
  • Planning for Pregnancy
  • IVF Cycle
  • previous failed IVF cycles
  • Prenatal loss (es)
  • Antenatal depression and anxiety
  • Regarding freezing of sperms eggs or embryos
  • Birth trauma
  • Postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Parent-infant attachment
  • Adjustment to parenthood
  • Parenting support

Fertility issues can bring about emotional challenges and riding the rollercoaster of emotions is not an easy feat.

Going through treatment can impact many facets of life including physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and financial. Feeling anxious or depressed due to fertility issues can occur, especially after a failed fertility treatment or after experiencing a miscarriage. The anticipation, preparations, and disappointment when IVF is unsuccessful can bring on waves of emotions. This may include anger, sadness, guilt, and even hopelessness and different life events can be trigger to how you feel such as conflicting emotions when a friend or colleague announces a pregnancy.

In cases of dealing with psychological issues due to infertility, counseling has been demonstrated to be very effective. Being fertility professionals who focus on helping couples to achieve their pregnancy, this job can be challenging yet rewarding. At times when we had difficult cases, we would often think hard about what else can be done to improve their pregnancy chances, Answer to it is to Increase the confidence level of couples which can be done through expert counseling.

At Delhi IVF Research and Fertility Centre, one of India’s oldest clinics of Fertility and IVF hospital, we offer specialized investigative procedures for infertility in men and women, giving couples their very best chance at conceiving. We have the most conducive environment for Open Discussion, Professional Counseling, and Answering All Queries, Helping both the Partners to understand and to be updated with each and every step of the treatment.

Counseling at Pregnancy Loss and Prenatal mental health

Pregnancy Loss and Prenatal mental health is one area of supportive care that I am passionate about and have a wealth of experience in.

Miscarriage and stillbirth as two of the most common types of prenatal loss are losses that in the past and still somewhat today often go unacknowledged and minimized by society.

In fact, the social pressures can be an additional burden. Feeling alone in your grief and isolated with the thoughts and emotions prenatal loss can bring can be so difficult.

Nowadays there is no need to suffer alone. We know that acknowledging the effect of pregnancy and infant loss on us as women and men can be very important to us in our healing journey. The loss of a child and the potential for its life, for the hopes and dreams we have for them can be one of the greatest losses there is. Allowing for the sadness, acknowledging and processing the grief felt after the loss, and moving forward worth hope is the aim of my therapy with women and men experiencing pregnancy loss or indeed the loss of the hoped-for birth experience.

Fertility counseling benefits couples to overcome their emotional blocks so that they can conceive.